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Tired of seeing the same old patches at every rally and on every jacket or vest? LeatherPatch.com offers something completely different from the typical offshore, embroidered patches. It took two years of research and development for LeatherPatch.com to come up with this amazing concept and create these beautifully artistic patches. LeatherPatch.com patches are made from genuine leather and are NOT bonded leather, or some type of leatherette.


LeatherPatch.com starts with a rich, soft, top-grain glove leather (cowhide) and then applies graphics to the patch with ink. They can use any digital photography submitted to create a very unique patch, similar to a Tattoo, but instead of your arm, it is applied to the leather patch. The patches are not made on machines and the artwork does not rub off. Under normal wear and tear conditions they will last for years.  Just like any of your leather products, hit them with some leather oil now and then and they will last for many years to come, looking better with age.

If you’re looking for something different to wear on your jacket or vest, and want a quality product made in the USA by your American brothers, then check out www.leatherpatch.com.You can also email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 917-475-6032 for more information.

The Leather Patch family has 50-plus years of working in the leather industry, and have proudly served in our country's military.

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