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Goldilocks Custom Bagger

Story By Monk Pacheco Photos By Jack “Life Through A Viewfinder” Cofano Friday, 20 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
  There seems to be no gray area, no middle ground when it comes to radical custom baggers. Over the years we’ve watched bagger front wheels grow from a 21-inch size that seemed pretty damn radical when a stock Harley-Davidson bagger came with a massive 16-inch front wheel. Would it handle? Would there be any downsides? Well, before you knew it, there was a 23, then a 26 and finally a 30-inch front wheel. Phew! That’s a big jump in a relatively short time. But wait, there’s more ─ just when you think it’s over, along comes a 32-incher. Is it finally over?

Karns Kustoms Krazy Kool XLCH

Story By Alvoris Vambrosio Photos By Jack “Krazy Kool Kid” Kofano Thursday, 19 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 10 ]  | 
   So, what do you get when you cross a Sportster, a board tracker and a lowrider? You get what the bike’s builder, Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms in Delmar, Maryland, calls a “New Tracker.” Can’t say I’ve heard that term before so I’ll just call it one wicked kool kruiser that’s a killer on the kustom circuit. Don’t believe me? How about it just knocked down a first place in the street custom class at the 2016 AIMExpo Championship of the Americas in Orlando this past October? I’d say that’s pretty damn good for a Sportster built by a guy in his backyard shop after a long day of work at his regular job. Apparently Adam is one of those guys who think sleep is for sissies, well, that’s my assumption at least.

TOL Designs Road King In Blue

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “It’s 79-Degrees Today!” Cofano Wednesday, 18 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 0 ]  | 
  For once I’m going to answer the most asked question about any radical custom bagger right up front before the computer commandos on Facebook start typing away. No, that is not the ride height of this lovely blue bagger and the front suspension does work. The air’s been removed from the front and rear air ride and it’s sitting on its frame. Yup, right on the tarmac. All you have to do to ride away is hit the instant onboard compressor and you’re up and away with decent clearance for a big wheel bagger. Phew, glad that’s out of the way.

General Lee’s Hooligan Dyna

Story By Emile Berube Photos By Jack “I’ve Got Hooligan Blood” Cofano Tuesday, 17 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   Everybody who rides a Harley-Davidson has a bit of a hooligan in their DNA, some more than others. Just riding a motorcycle puts you in a so-called “daredevil” category to different degrees and even the motorcycle you ride says something about how much of a true hooligan you really are. For instance, a nice bagger with loud pipes says you’ve got a bit of your inner hooligan in play, but something lighter and more agile like a Sportster or a Dyna that’s been hopped up a bit says “I’m all about hooliganism.” For any of you that might be offended by the term hooligan, then just think of yourself as a ruffian ─ same thing, different word.

Sattler V-Twin's Blower Bike

Story by Mark Barnett and photos by Digital Rose Monday, 16 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 40 ]  | 
This drop seat and drop neck cosmic custom is the creation of Ken Kirkpatrick of Sattler V-Twin out of Canyon Lake, Texas.  In partnership with friend Kevin Brown, these are the folks that brought you the Polypan seat mold making materials.  You know, the duct-tape-your-frame, pour it on, let it set, and presto, a custom fit seat pan appears people.  As is often the case, this bike started out to be Ken’s rider.  He’s particularly fond of this drop neck frame which is now made by Empire Mfg out of Canada.  Stretched six inches out, dropped four inches and raked to a total of 47 degrees with the five in the trees, the frame gives this custom a unique stance and requires a forward petcock, as the lower part of the gas tank is in front next to the neck.  Built as a rider, Ken mounted a 19” wheel in the front that would hold a little wider rubber on it to mate up to the steering qualities of the massive 300mm rear tire.  The tucked in exhaust pipe and progressive air ride suspension on back when raised, give the bike decent cornering clearance.

Widowmaker CDR’s Bone Yard Betty

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “Where’s My Wine?” Cofano Friday, 13 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 9 ]  | 
   Hank Thibodeau is a young custom motorcycle builder who is not afraid to push the limits whether it’s the status quo of custom builds or just his own. He likes to look past limits with a sense of humor as well as a sense of design. Hey, you can’t build some of the outrageously wild bikes he’s created without a little bit of “WTF?” involved when you see them. The idea that everything’s built in-house by a young guy only shows his dedication to learning every aspect of the trade and then giving each build his own twist.

A Harley Rider’s Other Bike

Story By Pee Wee German Photos By Jack “I Be Jammin’ In My Crib” Cofano Thursday, 12 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
   One of the things that separate humans from animals is pet peeves. We’ve all got a list of them we usually keep rather quiet about because no one cares, that’s why they’re called pet peeves I guess. One of my biggest pet peeves is vanity license plate surrounds that say, “My other car is a . . .” I was stuck behind a gentleman in traffic today in his shiny new black Escalade with his license plate declaring, “My other car is a Porsche.” Is that just bragging about how cool you are or do you feel the world needs to know or cares in the least. I know I don’t except I was forced to read it over and over again with each small move of traffic and started thinking about him. Does his Porsche’s plate say, “My other car is an Escalade?” Somehow I think not, he just wanted to let me know he’s so cool he’s got a Porsche at home, but why the hell were you driving the Caddy then? Are you not proud of it too or is it not cool enough?

The Space Traveler By Sosa Metalworks

Story By Tyler Durden Photos By Jack “Time In Orbit Without Leaving Earth” Cofano Wednesday, 11 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 12 ]  | 
   OMG! Yup, as the kids would say, OMG!” I know it’s not the way an even-handed writer would start an article, but is this 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead bobber built by Cristian Sosa an “Oh My God!” moment or what? This thing is just killer from the first piece of flat sheet metal Cristian turned into the oval tubing that’s used throughout the, needless to say, hand-built frame to the myriad linkages and levers that give the feeling of a highly-skilled blacksmith and machine maker who decided to build custom motorcycles using skills and imagination we’ve all forgotten about. Metalsmith meets mechanic meets artist is about the best way I can describe what I see and feel.

Speakeasy Motors Stunning Over-Engineered Simplicity

Story By Laslo Benedict Photos By Jack “I Ain’t Shoveling” Cofano Tuesday, 10 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
   One of my favorite type of custom motorcycle builds is one that grabs your eye with its clean simplicity. A stripped-down bobber is right at the top of my list, but it still has to be simple and clean and as everybody always says, “Simple is the hardest to do.” And, they’d be right. Being a fanatic for cleanliness causes a builder considerable heartache and hard work to hide anything and everything he can while still keeping it a truly functional motorcycle. Evan Favaro is one of those guys as you can clearly see by his Artistry In Iron entrant you’re looking at.

Swedish Salt Flats Racer

By Charlie Bernacchio Photos courtesy of Ojala Customs Monday, 09 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 20 ]  | 
    When I was a kid a spent a lot more time in school drawing motorcycles and hot rods on school-supplied arithmetic paper than I did doing actual school work. My finishing touch to any drawing was to add ‘speed lines’ to give it a sense of motion before I started the next one. Just looking at my wonderful kid sense of proportions and too-radical for anyone else to ever think of ideas (yeah right) was just not enough. It had to have the feel of motion even if it was a two-dimensional scribble and those speed lines did the trick for me.

Who Doesn’t Love A Panhead Bobber?

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “Finally Alone Again” Cofano Friday, 06 January 2017 Comments [ 1 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
   Whenever I see an old Harley-Davidson I can’t help but think about what stories it could tell. Doesn’t matter if it’s still original, restored or chopped, every one of them has been there and back and then some. What was once somebody’s pride and joy rolling off a dealer’s showroom floor has probably had a life involving many different owners and many different lives. It gets me to wondering where it’s been, what it’s witnessed and why is it in the current state it’s in. In a society where everything is built now to be thrown away eventually, why have so many vintage Harleys been saved and savored over the years? Hey, I’m not complaining, but it seems almost un-American for so many to have survived.

Dirty Bird Concepts Hellbent Trike

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “Oh I’ve Been There And Back” Cofano Thursday, 05 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 11 ]  | 
   Trikes, trikes, trikes ─ they seem to be everywhere now. Not too long ago the only custom trikes you ever saw, and they were rare as hell, were either modified Harley-Davidson Servi-Cars or something insane with a Volkswagen engine hung out back. In the big scheme of things, trike conversions are relatively new stuff and Harley’s own production models are even newer. Funny how the need for a trike only recently grew as the Harley-riding population has aged and with that aging has come a lot of progress on the trike front. Bad backs, bad joints and bad timing have made them a new go-to for many riders, but until recently riding a custom trike meant putting up with an old Flathead or that German flat four. Neither of which were the power plants of choice from someone retiring a two-wheeler for three wheels.

Soul Satisfying Shovelhead

Story By Ronny Pusey Photos By Jack “Everything’s For Sale” Cofano Wednesday, 04 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
   Some bikes just got it and some bikes don’t. Since the first gasoline-fueled engine lit up and ran, there’s always been an ongoing debate over whether or not a machine could have a soul or not. It’s all too easy to jump behind one argument or the other and a good high school debater could probably make us question whatever we think. It’s so easy to scientifically ration away how a machine constructed from various metal parts could take on a personality or have a soul, so-to-speak, but that’s missing the whole point. I would venture a totally unscientific guess that could easily be disputed as I have no facts to back it up, but I think most of us believe our bikes are a soulful source of satisfaction with a life of their own.

Curly’s Custom Cycles Wicked Ms. Wicked

Story By Anonymous Source Photos By Jack “Meet Mr. Wicked” Cofano Tuesday, 03 January 2017 Comments [ 2 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   Well the New Year’s here and I hope you had a lovely celebration including stories that will be told over family holiday dinners for years to come. But, it’s time to get back to counting the days until spring (my life partner says I count the minutes) and custom bike dreaming the winter away. No, I’m not spending as much time in my cold garage working on bikes (it’s cold out there!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the work of those that do. Matter of fact, I only encourage them to spend more time out there so I can wile away dark, cold days next winter with exciting new rides to gawk at.

Snakebitten In Charlotte

Story by Buck Manning, Photos by Jack Cofano Monday, 02 January 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 18 ]  | 
Slap a country music record on the turntable, say one by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, or even that multiple instrument playing freak of nature (nobody should be able to play so many instruments so well), the lovely Barbara Mandrell and there’s a good chance it’s about someone who’s a two-timing something or other. Country boy Tim Franks now knows what it’s like to be labeled a two-timing man, but it’s all good. Simply put, this is Tim’s second Barnett’s Magazine feature bike in less than two years and that definitely qualifies the owner of Tarheel Drilling and Blasting Inc. in Troy, North Carolina, as a two-timing man. Needless to say, Tim’s okay with this label. Matter of fact, he couldn’t be happier.
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