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Holy Bike Week Batman! I could not believe the great turnout for the 2017 Daytona Beach Bike Week even with the cool weather making riding a bit nippley. Things started warming up the last weekend of the event, although, not soon enough for this fair weather photographer.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Story By Jake Blake Photos By Jack “Busy Replacing Cells Every Seven Years” Cofano Sunday, 26 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
   My-oh-my, haven’t seen an all out radical custom bike like this for what seems like an eternity now. Today it’s all baggers and bobbers, but it wasn’t too long ago that wasn’t the way the custom world rolled. The wilder and wackier a builder could take a bike both in looks and potential performance was the rule of the day. Every time you saw a new custom you expected to be shocked from extensive bodywork in hand-formed steel, not composite from a can and the engine had to sparkle like you were looking into a galaxy from the Hubble telescope. One-off mags had to have such an intricate design that the CNC machines had to run 24/7 for days just to finish one and, like always, the painter had to be at the top of their game if finishing in the money at shows was important. Oh the good old days.

Lakeview Speed Shop’s “We Ride Our Sh*t!” Ultra

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Where Did I Put The Old Carb?” Cofano Friday, 24 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
  Hopefully you’re not offended by the title of this article, but I think it says a lot about this wicked custom bagger direct from the mind and hands of Jamie Boone, owner of Lakeview Speed Shop in Burlington, North Carolina. Jamie and his Lakeview crew build bikes to ride as well as show. Actually, the show aspect is even greater without meaning to as something this decked out is a show in itself whether it’s at Charlotte Easyriders, parked on the street or in Jamie’s garage. It’s show time all the time when you look this good, but there’s nothing about this pretty radical build stopping you from hopping on and tearing ass across country. As the kids used to say, but don’t now, “It’s all good.”

Custom Design Studio’s Johnny Chop Tribute

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “Still Can’t Get Sporty Going” Cofano Thursday, 23 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 9 ]  | 
   Right now, 2006 seems like decades ago. So much has gone on since then like the economic crisis in 2008 that tried its best to sink the country to the recovery and then onto the current presidential race which seemed to go on for years by itself. Time just has a way of slipping by that makes you forget things both good and bad. That can be a good thing especially when it involves a good friend who has passed way before their time. Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios in Novato, California, knows exactly how it feels to lose a good friend like the late Johnny “Chop” Vasko. 

Refurbished Budget Bruiser

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “9th Dan (Koo Dan) Black Belt” Cofano Tuesday, 21 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
So how old do you think this bike is? Here’s a clue (maybe). It’s a bike shot by Mr. Cofano at the Charlotte Easyriders Show and it looks like the Cofano-approved white paint with skull graphics panels is new and possibly still drying on the show stand. Yeah, not much of a clue, so try this one. This white and black beauty is old enough to get its own license. Better? Okay I’ll cut to the chase then. This baby’s 17-years-old and in custom years, which could be measured in dog years as far as the hip-trendy factor goes, this is an “old” bike.

Does Loud Paint Save Lives?

Story By Geronimo Jones Photos By Jack “I’m Loud And Proud” Cofano Monday, 20 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 11 ]  | 
  See that paintjob? That’s no ordinary paint, but paint that’s wired to electrically light up with the flick of a switch. Turn it on, turn it off and you have two different paintjobs for all intents and purposes. No more of that lame under-tank LED stuff, this paint is wired to shock you with a real electrical glow worthy of a trip down the Vegas strip. Like the Starship Enterprise, Lumilor Electroluminescent Coating System’s paint goes where no paint has gone before. I’m still in a bit of a shock trying to get a grip on this unreal development so read on and see for yourself.
It just didn’t seem right. Richard Pollock was churning out exquisite street-trackers for customers around the world but he didn’t have one of his own. What he needed was a two-wheeled calling card for his company, Mule Motorcycles, a best-of-everything build that could be used at shows to entice buyers, or by himself to blow off a little steam on Sunday-morning backroad rides. All went according to plan until...well, let’s just say Richard still doesn’t have his own street-tracker!

Fred Krugger's Overmile

Story Sedrick C. Mitchell and Photos by Thierry Dricot Thursday, 16 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
Any distance over a mile is considered an “over mile”, which is part of the formula that went into developing the handle for Krugger Motorcycles’ latest custom-built machine. It has a unique style and design that fits the “desire for speed” mentality of many Europeans, especially those involved in the sport of fast motorcycling.

What A Difference A Paintjob Makes Road Glide

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “I Know That Song” Cofano Wednesday, 15 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 10 ]  | 
   Okay, okay, the title of this article is a bit cheesy making a reference to the 1959 Dinah Washington hit song What A Difference A Day Makes especially since it was probably well before most of you Barnett’s Magazine Online readers were even born. But nonetheless, it was a great song and pretty much sums up what Jason Beavers of Crazy Beavers Customs in Selma, North Carolina, has neatly accomplished here in a very short period of time. Well, a short period of time compared to the original time which was much, much longer.

Knockout Motorcycle Co. 39 Bike

Story by Buck Manning and photos by Horst Rosler Tuesday, 14 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 32 ]  | 
Finding a catchy name for a business is tough, really tough, but even tougher is changing an established business name to a new one. Everybody who recognizes the name, Rockem & Sockem Motorcycle Company, raise your hand. All right, put ‘em down cause that company name is gone, kaput, yesterday’s news. Rockem & Sockem has had its name knocked off its block, just like the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em fighting robots game from the ‘60s it was named after, by a new one, Ralph Randolph’s Knockout Motorcycle Co. The good part about all this is nothing has changed with the Mesa, Arizona-based company except the name. Partners Ralph Randolph and Ken Lucas are still at the helm turning out cool customs that make you want to admire their bikes from the seat at speed. Sure, the Rockem & Sockem name may still be emblazoned on the tank of our feature bike, 39, but there’s no doubt this bike is a knockout in more ways than one. “It’s really clean, sensible, and has a lot of beautiful style to it,” said Ralph. “It’s something someone can get on and ride. When I let people ride it at Daytona last year it really freaked ‘em out. They’re like ‘this is like a dirt bike, it’s so light.’ It’s so much fun to ride.”

Cycle Worx Full Dress Dresser

Story By Geraldo Riviera Photos By Jack “I Rarely Get Dressed Anymore” Cofano Friday, 10 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
  It may be a little early to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but everybody knows how celebratory we Irish are so showcasing a bright green custom bagger calls for a toast to the owner, Kevin Ellis, for making this possible. On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody talks about having a wee bit of Irish in them, but with a bagger so green and over the top, it’d be St. Patrick’s Day every day of the year. Plus, this one bike alone trolling down the street could be enough entertainment to satisfy any St. Patty’s parade crowd. I know I’d be off the side cheering and clapping as it rolled by satisfied by what the parade organizers came up with.

Just When You Thought You’ve Seen Everything

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Oh I Have!” Cofano Thursday, 09 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 0 ]  | 
    Have you ever seen anything like this unbelievably radical ride? I know I haven’t even though I’ve seen some wild rides in my time. Sure, some of that early Arlen Ness stuff was way-way out there, but nothing is or was quite as over-the-top as this two-wheeled stretch limo for one. Man, that’s a l-o-o-n-g bike with just about everything covered in bodywork but those triple velocity-stacks on S&S Super B carbs sticking out of that wave of bodywork engulfing the bad ass 103-inch 1976 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine. There’s a whole lot going on here, but I don’t know exactly what it is, do you Mr. Jones?

Mecum Motorcycle Auction 2017 ─ Part 2

Story By Monk Pacheco Photos By Penny “Ms. FXR 2008-2011” Osiecki Wednesday, 08 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 0 ]  | 
   So, if you’re tuning in and maybe didn’t catch yesterday’s article of the top ten sales of the Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas this past January 25-28, you can always time travel back to yesterday via the Internet and read about those six-figure or close-to-it vintage bikes. Today, though, we’ll look at bikes that struck my fancy. Yes, it’s that simple a judging on my part with no pretense as being the absolute best buys or perfectly correct and ready for professional judging. There certainly was a lot to like and you can see them all on if that’d be more interesting than my choices. Up to you, I’m just plowing ahead and hoping for the best.

Mecum Motorcycle Auction 2017 ─ Part1

Monk Pacheco Photos By Penny “An FXR Or Nothing!” Osiecki Tuesday, 07 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 0 ]  | 
  I don’t know about you, but I love watching the big time auto and motorcycle auctions on TV. I DVR them all so I don’t miss a thing, but there is a big difference on how I view them. I fast forward through a lot of the car auctions because there are so many cars I just am not the least bit curious about. Sometimes I think I’ve seen every 1969 Camaro ever made cross the block and there’s nothing more to see and others like a 1954 Mercury Monterey just have zero interest. Or it’s some obscure 1920s make that they only made 200 of before closing the factory and the reason for that was they just weren’t interesting even when new. Motorcycle auctions, on the other hand, I never ever fast forward through as every single one of them interests me. Every single one.

Hide Motorcycle’s: Hiding in Plain Sight Buell

By Buck Manning and photos by Zai Monday, 06 March 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
Somewhere along the way, Japanese builders of one-off motorcycles didn’t get (or maybe just didn’t pay attention to) the memo that a custom built bike was supposed to be only about show not go. Unlike many of their contemporaries in the trade, they build bikes that not only have their own cool interpretation of American V-twins, but they expect them to be ridden and ridden hard. Over the years Barnett’s Magazine has featured many bikes from the Land of the Rising Sun (not to be confused with Eric Burdon’s similar sounding song title) that featured high performance and daily use as the build mantra. Anytime I’ve asked a Japanese builder if their bike is not just some showpiece and actually gets ridden their reaction is almost like I’ve insulted them by asking such a stupid question. Hey, it might seem like a stupid question, but considering most of the custom bikes I deal with don’t turn a wheel at speeds higher than walking on their way from a trailer to the nearest cool parking spot, it’s a necessary question.
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