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LA Speed Shop’s Lane Splitting Panhead Bagger

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “Thermostat On 80 – Check!” Cofano Wednesday, 24 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   Lane splitting is something that can get you into some big trouble with the law unless you happen to live in sunny old California. Filtering through stopped, slow, or fairly rapidly moving traffic is perfectly acceptable as long as you’ve got the right bike to do it on and you’re a decent rider. I don’t think I’ve got to explain what kind of bike other than the narrower the better. Slicing between cars on a big Harley bagger can have its moments to say the least and an often even-wider custom bagger probably leaves you out of the lane-splitting loop altogether. But, not for Chris Richardson of LA Speed Shop fame. His Panhead bagger can slice and dice with the best of them.  

Jeremy Cupp Strikes Sportster Gold

Story By Tyler Durden Photos By Jack “Having Lunch With Mom” Cofano Tuesday, 23 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 9 ]  | 
Jeremy Cupp is all over the place when it comes to building custom motorcycles. If you see one of his bikes built at his LC Fabrications shop in Grottoes, Virginia, and you think you got him pegged stylistically, you would be dead wrong. He’s not only a skilled craftsman, but he takes an artistically intelligent approach to making each machine special unto itself. Fine tuning a design over and over to make it better is just not part of the plan. Each build he does is fine tuned to itself until it becomes whatever engineering/artistic vision he had in his head. Each build is completely different. Don’t try to peg him as he’ll pleasantly shock you with every new build.  

Darrin Domko’s Dazzling Deuce

By Klaus Daviski Photos by Francisco “The Human Bedazzler” Rangel Monday, 22 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 26 ]  | 
  The odds of finding a Harley-Davidson on a dealer’s show room floor customized just the way you’d like if you were going to do it yourself can’t be that great. Everyone’s got their own absolutely perfect idea of what’s best and from what I’ve seen of previously-owned, highly-personalized bikes causes me to be a bit frightened more than anything else. I’ve seen some paintjobs bordering on such bad taste that I’d wear a full-face helmet with a dark windscreen that I would not take off until I was far away from said ride.

Big Dee Clark 2008 Street Glide Custom

Story by Buck Manning & Photos by Rupert M. Ellis Thursday, 18 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 20 ]  | 
Maybe, just maybe it’s worth waiting to get your first real bike. Especially if it’s a top-of-the-line model that you can now afford to transform it into the bike that will cause your heart to flutter a bit every time you ride it or even look at it. I know I don’t fall into this category as I’ve ridden a lot of crap when that’s all I could afford (although I’d kill to own a lot of those old pieces of crap I couldn’t wait to get rid of now). A very nice gentleman and the owner of the 2008 FLHX feature bike, Donny “Big Dee” Clark, is a relative newcomer to motorcycling, but as you’ll see, he’s making up for lost time like a Top Fuel dragster does bracket racing a stock Pinto. “This is officially my first bike. I had one when I was 16, but it didn’t last for no more than two weeks. I don’t even count that one,” said Big Dee. Probably a good thing in some ways as going into motorcycling with a bit of maturity sure makes for a learning experience that may not have a lot of horrid (and often amusing) anecdotes. “I wanted to go about getting a new bike the right way so I started off just going to get my license. I signed up at North Texas Harley-Davidson in Carrollton, Texas, ‘cause the salesman there was so nice to me,” he said. “To be honest, I was nervous ‘cause this was my first bike, but after the course, it built my confidence up tremendously and I have not stopped riding since.”

Bad In Black BSA

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “I’m Bad In Any Color” Cofano Wednesday, 17 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
  There’s one thing for sure when the third most interesting man in the world, Barnett’s photographer Jack Cofano, covers an event, any event, he always manages to score some shots of the love of his life, a 650 BSA. There might be only one parked on a side street, but he’ll find it and shoot it. I finally found out why a few years ago after drinking a few or more vodka martinis in a sleazy, yet expensive motel room in Monterey while we were covering the races at Laguna Seca.

Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design’s Killer Shovelhead

Story By Ronnie Romaine Photos By Jack “Praying Every Day” Cofano Tuesday, 16 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 10 ]  | 
   If you’re a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead freak, this one’s for you. If you’re currently not a Shovelhead freak, you just might be after taking a look through Jack Cofano’s photo gallery of this bike. Now that’s one stinking gorgeous Shovelhead and it punches all the right Shovelhead buttons or really, any Harley buttons you’ve got. There might even be a bit of divine intervention involved as this baby was conceived and built by Rev. Jim of Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design in Largo, Florida. Maybe divine intervention is pushing it a bit, but not much.

Bootlegger Choppers’ Hardass Softail

By Peter LaFrance Photos by Jack “Hey that’s my special name” Cofano Monday, 15 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
   Chopper. What was once a constantly misused and overused term has now come full circle with only the hardcore people I know referring to their bikes as choppers. The universal term custom covers just about everything these days from mildly modified stockers to whacky-loo big bucks baggers and anything else in between. Choppers are what badass old school guys rode when old school was new. Long, low, and raked out to the horizon, they weren’t trying to be pretty like an older OCC bike, but bad to the bone. They exuded real tough guy cool. For instance, if somebody told you they met somebody on a motorcycle who was looking for you, that was one thing. But, if somebody said somebody on a chopper was looking for you, you might feel like you should make yourself scarce. Choppers weren’t necessarily show bikes or finished to perfection, they were heavily modified bikes that made a strong statement about an owner like packing a pair of Glock 17s or a .50 Desert Eagle would compared to a beautifully engraved and nickel-plated 22-cal snub-nose revolver with ivory grips.

Clean And Simple Shovelhead

Story By Tyler Durden Photos By Jack “My Pants Are Loose” Cofano Friday, 12 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
So I’m shuffling through Barnett’s Magazine Online’s photo archive and there are a ton of outrageous customs photographed by a guy who spends half of his life with his left eye closed and the other looking through the lens of his Nikon, Mr. Jack Cofano. The archive is a bursting with bikes from all-out baggers to hard core rat bikes and everything in between so as much fun as it is to peruse, it’s hard to make a choice to write about.

When 284hp Is Just Not Enough

Story By Jake Blake Photos By Jack “I Thought Once Was Never Enough” Cofano Thursday, 11 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
    Man, featuring one outrageously cool Azzkikr custom bagger after another is getting to be such a regular thing here at Barnett’s Magazine Online that we either should send Azzkikr’s Len Edmondson a bill for advertising or, just change our name to Azzkikr Fanboys Online. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t not feature a bike from a builder you’ve done many times before. Of course, the reason that happens so often is that Len keeps turning out custom baggers that are not only beautiful and extremely well built, but engineering masterpieces. Plus he loves his horsepower and that counts for a lot to us. Crazy cool and crazy quick always grabs our attention every time ─ especially when it’s done tastefully.

Cool Or What?

Story By Geronimo Jones Photos By Jack “Send Me To Sturgis” Cofano Wednesday, 10 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   “What a freakin’ nice bike” rolled through my head when I saw this Sportster hot rod bobber. Built by none other than Pat Patterson and the talented crew of hardcore Sportster fanatics at Led Sled Customs in Dayton, Ohio, it’s not a big surprise if you’ve followed the constant rise of Led Sled into the dominant, yet honest value builder of one Sportster after another that you just might kill for. A walk around this bike dares you to get on, get it on, hang on, and keep doing it ‘til the tiny, but stunning ex-Husqvarna gas tank runs empty.  

Smoke Out Mystery Woman’s Budget Bobber

Story By Brad Affleck Photos By Jack “I Live Alone” Cofano Tuesday, 09 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
You never ever know who or what you’re going to run across at a Smoke Out event. From ratty bikes that barely run to some of the most imaginative you’ll find anywhere and everything else between. They do have one thing, one very important thing, in common and that is they’re all runners. Unless you’re a pro builder with vendor’s booth who might have brought a bunch of bikes to show, chances ar4e you rode to the event. It’s my kind of event because everything’s got a current plate and that means somebody is using them like a motorcycle. You know─ that riding around thing just because it feels good that never gets old.

Chris Garrison’s Hot to Trot El Fuego

By Richie Andrade Photos by Jack “Too hot to handle” Cofano Sunday, 07 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
   Sure has been a long and hard road getting to the end of the endless payments on your Softail, but now you can take a financial breather and think about what’s next? Yeah, maybe the very affordable Night Train wasn’t your first pick (or maybe it was), but it’s been a great running and reliable fun bike and there’s still a lot of life left in the old girl. Maybe you might think about trading it in and getting a new Street Glide like the rest of the thundering bagger herd, but touring (or make believe touring) is just not your bag. You liked the hot rod aspect of blatting around town like the bad boy you know you are and the looks of the blacked-out Night Train long before Dark Custom became a new H-D catch phrase. When you think about it, the FXSTB performed right up to your expectations and then some. So do you just trade it off and forget all the good times you and the Night Train had while you were making those 72 monthly payments?  Or, do you take a perfectly good stock looking machine and jazz up the hell out of it the way it always looked in your head until no one could guess what Softail model you began with?

Led Sled’s Progressive Insurance Sportster

Story By Alvoris Vambrosio Photos By Jack “It’s All About The Base” Cofano Friday, 05 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 10 ]  | 
  For a second there I thought everything I knew about Pat Patterson of Led Sled Customs in Dayton, Ohio, was wrong. From the “Led Sled Customs” label on Jack’s photo gallery of today’s feature bike and what appeared to be a Panhead from the man who’s completely dedicated himself and his company solely to turning out one knockout Sportster build after another, why a Panhead? Quickly gazing down, I could see it was a good old Sportster Evo motor and not a real Panhead. I should have known that the Sportster gods wouldn’t turn their back on their beloved Harley of choice.

Now That’s A Bobber!

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “I Thought You Were Scared Of Green Bikes?” Cofano Thursday, 04 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
Growing up as a kid in New England in the ‘50s, the only Harleys I ever seemed to see were really bobbed-out, in the truest sense of the term, ex-police bikes and full dressers as my dad used to call them. There didn’t seem to be much else or maybe I was just drawn to certain Harleys as a kid. And yes, they really did just whack off the ends of the fenders to lighten it up and give it a bit of a tough guy look along with ridding it of anything they didn’t need to get from here to there. Motorcycling was a poor boy sport back then and nobody had chrome this or aftermarket that. Not only did they not have the money then, but there was no aftermarket to speak of either. If you wanted a custom Harley back then you built it yourself or maybe with a friend’s help. The Harley-Davidsons I remember most looked more like the rat bikes of today with slightly better paint and a brutal honesty about them.

Holy City Cycles Elementally Mental Board Track Bobber

Story By Jake Blake Photos By Jack “I’m For Separation of Church And Bike” Cofano Wednesday, 03 August 2016 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
Styles come and go and then come and go again, but one easily recognizable style seems to soldier on through the thick and thin of what’s trendy and what’s not. And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be the iconic bobber style that appeals to the inner hooligan in all of us. You might be a diehard bagger guy, but you’ll always look wistfully at a neat little bobber ridden around like it’s a bicycle compared to 900-plus pounds of touring loveliness. Each has their own reason to be, but if I needed an around town bopper, this cool blue piece of work by Holy City Cycles’ Robbie Closson gets my motor running.
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