11th Annual Ventura ChopperFest

Written by  Story And Photos By Rodent Wednesday, 17 December 2014 17:23
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   ChopperFest was started as a tribute to Easyriders magazine’s legendary centerfold artist, David “Dave” Mann, shortly after he passed and the show has grown into a mainstay of the Southern California motorcycle scene. Held on the Ventura County Fairgrounds next to the Pacific Ocean, it is extremely popular and is the last major chopper event of the year. Thank God there was no Santa Claus or holiday theme.  


   We had never attended ChopperFest, so we went as newbies to see what we will see. In the 48 hours preceding the show, California was attacked by the Pineapple Express, which is wind, torrential rain, and flooding so the event was a crap shoot whether to go or no go. Luckily things worked out just fine weather-wise, so off we went.


   The parking lot was filled with boring cookie cutter baggers with a sprinkling of other models. So it was into the show to see and appreciate the weird, unusual, interesting, inventive, and creative entrants in the show.


  Among the various vendors, of course, the lawyers were busy signing up clients to be as usual.

The grassy area was a little bit soggy from the torrential rain so everyone took precautions as they saw fit.

   Probably the classiest and most unusual 100-point restoration was an ex-Sherman Barnett 1914 Feilbach Limited. It was one of a pair that Sherman sold in a ratty, un-restored condition. Now this restored Feildbach Limited is probably worth a conservative quarter of a million today ($250,000).


   All in all, except for a momentary small clash of personalities, it was a great show. In fact, it was an exceptionally great show and as you all know I don't pass out compliments often.

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