Let’s Hear It For Juli “The Female Human Link” Moody!

Written by  Story by Buck Manning Photos by Jack “Better Her Than Me” Cofano Friday, 30 May 2014 13:17
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   You meet some amazing people in the motorcycle world and then you meet Juli Moody and all bets are off. Ms. Moody is a rare combination of sheer physical force and unabashed sweetness all wrapped up in one package that you just have to love and respect after seeing her perform or talking with her. Her dedication and discipline to meeting her self-inspired goals of making world records where none have gone before is inspiring. Yet she’s quietly humble and far from over the top even though what she’s accomplished establishing world records for stunts only a handful of men or women might dare think about.


   If you’re a regular reader of Barnett’s Magazine Online, you might remember a couple of previous articles we’ve run like Juli's first event where she held back two screaming Harleys in a haze of tire smoke and burning rubber or her first appearance in Sturgis where she set a new time record for holding back two bikes. CMT television covered the Sturgis event and did her proud with great coverage in this video. “I have performed in many bike venues, but I have to say Sturgis beats all!  It is the biker party of the year. If you have not made it to Sturgis and visited the Buffalo Chip, put it on your bucket list.”


  They say the third time’s the charm, so let’s dive right into her latest world record of holding back four, yes I said four, bikes (click here for her four bike video) and what’s involved in that zany feat of strength. “The idea of restraining four motorcycles was born the night I established the first world record as the only woman in the world restraining two motorcycles. I knew at that moment that I wanted to restrain four, so I told my rigger, ‘We need to think the logistics for doing four,’ ” said Juli.  “Mentally I was ready, but I had no idea of the physical demands of four motorcycles each pulling with 1,050 pounds of force.”


  Preparing herself mentally was as important as any physical conditioning. “Fear, but not being afraid is what draws the line between the pros and the Joes. I had only one practice and a week later was the big show for me to make a brand new world record,” said Juli. “That practice was very unsettling because we had four different riders trying to sync their timing. I found that most of the riders are familiar with doing burnouts with holding the brakes and my stunt requires for them not to use any brakes, so they have to adjust. My coordinator and rigger works with the team of flagmen, riders, and myself to ensure everyone is on the same page with safety the upmost importance.”



    Juli’s training regimen is a bit unorthodox compared to what the rest of us equate with exercise and involves big and heavy things you won’t find inside your local gym. “Training for my stunts is grueling and very demanding, usually five days a week depending on what stage in training I am. I utilize the gym training with heavy weights and I am always changing the scheme. I have also developed an exercise at the gym called ‘The Female Human Link’ that simulates the tremendous pull my shoulders have to deal with on the take off,” said Juli. “I also have a rigorous outdoor drill that includes a two-inch thick by 125-feet manila rope that I do rope pulls underhand, overhand, and over the shoulders. For conditioning and leg strength, I harnessed up my SUV or the truck of the day, whatever is available, pulling it the length of four football fields. Yes you heard that right! That is what I call explosive conditioning.”


   When asked about the crowd’s reaction to her stunts, Juli said, “Every time I perform, I get huge crowds wondering how a woman can hold back the motorcycles. The crowds are in AWE as they see the big motorcycles lining up and me getting ready to restrain them while not wearing any protective gear to avoid the hot rubber that is flying along with pieces of asphalt as the tires dig in. There are always some burns and bruises on my arms and shoulders. Everyone is telling me that I should wear an oxygen mask.”


  There’s a bit of extra satisfaction for Juli when all’s said and done with the stunt that really makes it all personally worthwhile to her as she added, “Afterwards, the crowd is interested in taking pictures and asking all kinds of questions. Children are always fascinated by the show and they treat me like a super hero! The best part is when they tell me they want to do what I do when they grow up so you know there is a daredevil born.”


   Like everything, there are always those unfortunate people who have to try and find the “trick” to her feats, but that doesn’t bother her too much as, like I said, Juli’s a really, really sweet and nice person who just happens to be strong and fearless as living hell.  “There are those, ‘Haters and Doubters’ that question my abilities and believe that some form of trickery is involved. I want to say there are no smoking mirrors,” she said. “As a professional stunt woman, I perform these stunts with what appears to be ease but they don't know how many times I came close to get seriously hurt. I have had burns and been pulled by the motorcycles like a rag doll!”


   So what’s up next for The Female Human Link? “I am working on obtaining contracts for several events ─ Sturgis, The Love Ride, 10th Anniversary Outlaw Tractor Pull, Roosters Poker Run, etc. Plus I am currently working on a different motorcycle stunt called The Hell Ride. It is raw and dirty, lots of hot rubber and asphalt flying. It is in the works as we speak,” said Juli. “It is very important for everyone to take notice that I am organizing two Guinness World Record Events. Anyone that is associated with a charity or anyone that would like to be a sponsor can get in touch with me. I need to hear from interested parties as it benefits all.”


  But like the infomercials used to say, “But wait, there’s more” and it certainly applies in Juli’s case. “I am planning to take The Female Human Link motorcycle act to Vegas and am looking for serious sponsors and interested parties to get in touch with me,” she said. “It will be the only act of its kind and it will be performed inside. I was told by a couple of producers when I was in LA. That just about any motorcycle vendor can be a sponsor. There’s no show like this in Vegas!”


    Nothing would make me happier than to hear of this fine young lady’s continued success especially headlining in Vegas. Keep an eye on her Facebook page for where she’s going to pop up next doing two and four bike stunts along with whatever The Hell Ride is going to be. I can’t begin to guess, but I know I will be shocked and entertained.


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