The Lovely Ladies of Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2014

Written by  Story and photos by Jack “I’m In Love With Love” Cofano Thursday, 29 May 2014 13:47
Published in 2014 Events
            That’s right, it’s another installment of The Lovely Ladies of wherever I happen to be. This article is my annual Lovely Ladies of Myrtle Beach Bike Week and, believe me, it never gets old.


            It amazes me that after all these years, the ladies treat me with the same respect that I treat them. I shouldn’t be surprised because they are at the rallies to have a good time and let loose just like the rest of us. And, in some cases, make a little extra cash bartending.

            I thank you, my fellow bikers thank you, and so do the beer distributors. You make them a lot of money.


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