2018 Easyriders Bike Tour Show ─ The Scene Part Two

Written by  Story And Photos By Jack Cofano Monday, 12 February 2018 15:30
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If you’re a die-hard motorcycle enthusiast and winter has got you jonesing for a little lifestyle fix, you can attend a number of Easyriders Bike Show Tour events around the country. My yearly fix takes place in January at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  


          On January 20th at the Convention Center, there were a large number of custom motorcycles of various makes and models for everyone there to pick out a favorite. In the past few years in Charlotte, the show was dominated by custom Harley-Davidson baggers which give my editor, Buck Manning, a severe headache having to write a unique article on bikes that are relatively similar other than the paint job and maybe the size of the front wheel. Put the Advil away Buck because this year baggers were outnumbered by a ton of choppers, bobbers, and even a few rat bikes.

          Custom bikes are not the only things to look at during the day. The Purrfect Angelz were also on hand and put on an arousing fashion show to the music of Queen. It was awesome. These ladies get better and better every year. Also on hand were bands, custom cagers, vendors, and even a few celebrities such as Michael Ballard and Jesse James Dupree of The Full Throttle Saloon, Paul Yaffe and, from what I heard, Cory Ness, although I never saw him.

          Rumor has it that next year the show may be at a smaller venue than the Convention Center, which makes sense since it never fills up. I hope these Easyriders Shows continue because I look forward to them every year. 

    For more info on  Easyriders Bike Tour Show visit http://www.easyridersevents.com/.

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