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 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you are about to witness another unbelievable smoke ‘em if you got ‘em event courtesy of Barnett Magazine Online’s good friend, Ms. Juli “The Female Human Link” Moody. In case you might remember, we did an article on Juli’s feat of holding back two screaming Harley-Davidsons from ripping her apart with her willpower and sheer strength alone. No gimmicks, no hidden wires, no mirrors. This crazy stunt involved just Juli, some extremely strong webbing, two Harleys, and a complete lack of fear. 



   In our previous Juli Moody article last January, Barnett’s Magazine Online photographer Jack Cofano had covered Juli’s feat of strength at Britt Motorsports in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but that was a bit more of a local event as Juli hails form Fayetteville herself. After a lot of needless advice and goading from friends, Juli upped her own ante and proceeded to book an appearance at the legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis this past August which was also broadcast later on CMT to a national television audience for even more exposure. Needless to say, she once again thrilled the crowd with her crazy deal of holding back two pegged-throttles Harleys from removing off any of her limbs that might just give up the ghost. Just click on this link, sit back, and check out the CMT video of Juli’s feat of strength. Unsurprisingly, Juli once again let the motorcycles know who’s the boss.


  Here’s what Juli had to say about her first (but definitely not her last) Sturgis experience. “I performed three events at the Buffalo Chip, the 5th 7th and 9th of August. I had great accommodations at the Buffalo Chip and worked with their great staff to set my stunt up. There are many factors go along with this stunt, so I have to depend on the team I work with. I had different Harley motorcycles, even a custom, for my events along with different riders and flag men. Right there, all those variables are a nightmare for me and my stunt, but it all worked out without me getting hurt. Well not too hurt anyway, I got some burns on my right shoulder and arm from hot rubber and asphalt. As you know I don't wear any protection when I do the stunt, so I am hard core to the hot rubber and asphalt punishing me.” 


  Juli continued, saying,” On the 4th of August, CMT [Country Music Television] was there filming my practice and on the 5th, I was asked if I could break my own record. I not only broke my record, but blew the tire on the bike. As you see in the video, I was still holding when the tire gave up to my strength. The crowd went crazy, I still hear the noise. Nobody was expecting to see a girl showing that kind of strength. Every performance after that I held the bikes as long as I could. The tires succumbed to my arm and hand strength. I went three for three on blowing tires.”


  Like any good daredevil/stunt person, Juli’s got more to come. “My future plans are very solid. I am working on a new world record and I promise you it will be totally insane. I’ll be holding back four Harley motorcycles at the same time,” says Juli. “I am working on the logistics as we speak. The physical aspect is very demanding and the mental part is even more so. Having both tuned in together is what keeps me from getting hurt along with being fearless.”

In case you were wondering where this crazy quad-pull might take place, Juli has your answer.  “By the way, I was invited back to perform next year at the Buffalo Chip. I would like to thank the Chip’s owner, Mr. Rod "Woody” Woodruff, for a great Buffalo Chip experience!


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