Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Ms. Juli “The Dare Factor” Moody!

Written by  By Buck Manning Photos by Jack “I take all dares” Cofano Friday, 04 January 2013 18:16
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  Sweet Jeebers! Check out this video. That was 2:29 seconds of smoky-ass torture that makes me feel like even more of a slug than I am in real life. I should have been ready for this after I got a call from Barnett’s lens lad, Jack Cofano, excitedly telling me about this event he was covering.  Apparently a Ms. Juli “The Dare Factor” Moody was trying to keep two screaming Harleys from ripping her apart at the seams and I wasn’t quite sure what the hell he was gibbering on about. I couldn’t imagine what she had done wrong to deserve this torture or maybe it just didn’t sink in as this has never ever been anywhere near my bucket list (if I had one). The closest I had ever come to something like this was when I was 16 and tried to ride off on Chris Lawson’s Vespa and he pulled me to a dead stop from behind as I had the throttle pinned on the 50cc engine. But enough about my crap, what the hell makes Juli do this and how does she pull it off?


   When she’s not busy training for something as crazy as holding back Harleys, Juli’s working as an Integrative Medical Practitioner where she lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina (In case you don’t know what that is, Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.).


   With that out of the way, it’s time to get into Juli’s extremely-strong-person background.  “Originally I was in Olympic lifting and powerlifting. I conquered the sport becoming a member of Team USA twice, ultimately winning a gold medal. I made the list of the top 50 women in powerlifting and the all-time historical top 50 American women in powerlifting,” said Juli. “It was natural for me to go into bodybuilding. I competed as a middleweight winning the state championship and followed by the Mid-Atlantic States Championships and qualified for the Nationals and got my pro card. But, bodybuilding was not as exciting as I thought. My heart became set on bigger and more dangerous things. I wanted to challenge my mental and physical abilities to a level most people will never know.”


  Yeah, you can’t blame a girl for getting a little bored winning a gold medal. I mean, my closets are full too so I can understand ─ not! But when I asked her how these challenges come about in the first place, she said, “I personally envision and develop my stunts. Most have been performed only by male strong men or stunt men. That makes them totally awesome when I perform them. I usually am assisted by a small group of people ensuring the stunts are done smoothly and safely. There are no guarantees; stunts can go wrong in a split second. This is where mental and physical abilities must click perfectly in order to complete the stunt.”


   Whenever I get to see a world record being made I have to wonder what preparation was involved to get to this point. “To do a stunt I must first mentally visualize every detail before I can proceed to actually work on the stunt. Physical training is an on-going task with training at the gym and outdoor training drills,” said Juli. “For performing "The Female Human Link" we practiced once with the Harleys to allow everyone to know how to perform their tasks.”


   Yeah, I don’t blame her for only doing this one time before going for the record as it’s no walk in the park.  “I am known to have a death grip. This allowed me to hold the bikes until one blew a tire. A stunt such as this is quite dangerous  and my doctor recommended a CT scan as a precautionary measure due to the thoracic pressure that will cause a head injury,” said Juli. “Pulling the 25,000-pound Peterbuilt tractor is a totally different challenge requiring different training and conditioning. First time out, I pulled it fifty-feet in thirty-seconds.” And I get winded and pretty whiney having to push a half-loaded shopping cart up a slight parking lot grade, man I’m a human sissy.


   I had to ask her how much it really takes to do a stunt like this and that it’s not some sleight-of-hand trick. Like, do you just do this and then you’re out swigging ‘em back at Applebee’s that night? Apparently not on all counts as she explained, “Yes, indeed it takes time to recover. I have been lucky not to have suffered any serious injuries, but I do have pains and aches that go with the territory. I do my own training and prep schedules. I am very knowledgeable in training, nutrition and what it takes to get the job done!”


   The question of this making it on television and whether they had made any inquiries yet came up to which she replied, “Well at this time I am looking for a promoter/agent (lots of laughing going on), any takers? I have had an inquiry to join the WWE wrestling and also to perform abroad and here in the USA at bike events, charity events, etc.” Hey all you promoters out there, here’s your chance to pick up a client that’s ready to rock and she’s a really nice person to deal with too.


   As to what’s next for Ms. Moody, she’s got a few things up here sleeve. “I'm always on the prowl for my next adventure. I have a great group of followers from all over the world and I do get many crazy suggestions. Fans are always the best,” said Juli. “I will tell you one thing, ‘The Female Human Link’ is going to go beyond reach. I am planning to hold four motorcycles at once! And, throw in the mix some planes! I would like to perform the World Record at Sturgis and during Bike Week in Daytona.”


   Well there you go sports fans. Hopefully some enterprising promoter will jump on Juli’s band wagon and we’ll get to see her perform more and more of her unbelievably nutty feats of strength. In the meantime, check out her “Juli Moody” Facebook page for updates. Oh you know they’re a coming!

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