A Tale of Two Bros

Written by  Story by Buck Manning. Photos by Mackenzie Moreno Tuesday, 03 April 2018 12:00
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First thing I do when I (finally) get up in the morning is to pick out my writing bathrobe of the day and immediately pour myself a cup of black (as-strong-as-I-can-make-it) French Roast and head over to the computer to check my email to see what Internet havoc went on during my personal slumber party.

First thing I do when I (finally) get up in the morning is to pick out my writing bathrobe of the day and immediately pour myself a cup of black (as-strong-as-I-can-make-it) French Roast and head over to the computer to check my email to see what Internet havoc went on during my personal slumber party. Most of it is plainly carp, but every now and then, some little gem like the email below from one Al Moreno of Lebanon, Ohio, who seemingly had a beef that he could no longer internalize and had to take finger(s) to keyboard and get it off his Midwest chest.

Dear Editor and Chief, Barnett’s Magazine:
In your June edition [Barnett’s issue #69 2009] you featured a bitchin’ PYO [Paul Yaffee Original] H-D in an article titled “Rudy’s Oh Ate.” This is my brother’s FLHX and I am extremely proud of not only him making your magazine, but the fashion in which the article articulated my brother and his love for beautiful American-made iron riding/engineering. Cheers to PYO for customer satisfaction.

Enough of the mush, I think in fair game of sibling rivalry I would like to point out that we share the same love for H-D, but could not be more different in our taste. As you can tell, Rudy loves the new lean, sharp custom lines that bagger builders are focused on these days. My love goes to the other side of the spectrum. A classic H-D look is what spins my wheels, such as steel chrome spokes and not billet, white walls instead of fat and black, manly paint and not flash. My brother and I could not be more different relating to his flash and my old soul but we do share the love of riding and family. I would not trade him for any other brother in the world, but it is worth mentioning he is older, grayer, and I was riding H-D first. So, if you would be so kind as to post the clip and pics I could state he is not one up on his little bro.


Al Moreno “AMO”
Lebanon, Ohio

So it goes with another case of brotherly love that at least doesn’t have a Cain and Able ending. If I had to guess, Rudy is the older, flashier of the two, probably a little less responsible when it comes to spending money to have things his way, and always at the ready to show the younger one how he should have done things as he considers himself the more cutting-edge of the two. Al, on the other hand, probably likes to do things like work on his bike or build a shed himself instead of paying somebody, sensible enough to want a sensible custom ride that he’ll be not lose his shirt on if he has to sell it for some sensible reason, and he would never be caught dead in a Limpnickie Lot except to try and find his brother.

Well, I’m not wrong on some things as Al said, “When I bought the bike from Tri-County Harley in Fairfield, Ohio, I had a vision of what it would be some day. The intent was to take me back to the Old West Coast inspired by my low rider California brothers. I love the old school look. I have always been drawing to big fat cars with big fat white walls,” said Al.” So, the bike’s persona was targeted after that. I had the means of going to a builder and having a very expensive customer bike built, but I wanted to see if I could take a stock Harley with stock parts and create my vision on my own and not break the bank, but still get ‘Wows!’ when people saw it.”

 Al, you got my attention as I really like stock profile bikes that deceive you at first glance. There’s enough pizzazz and flash to grab one’s attention, but there’s nothing that would keep you from hopping on this bike and heading coast to coast. Al’s resistance to try and make it slam you in the face with an intricate, over-the-top paintjob rivaling a ‘70s van mural shows great restraint and lets the always classically pretty factory lines flow. “I love the color along with the contrast of stock black and chrome. The Wild 1 Cubby Beach Bars are the bomb. The comfort is second to none. But the best most defining part of the bike is those fat white wall tires (Old School all the way),” said Al.

Now that both bros bikes are finished, it’s nice to know that no matter how different those two (brothers or bikes of both) are, they still get along, although I’m sure there’s the typical good-natured ribbing over who’s the smartest, coolest, handsomest, funniest, etc., but it doesn’t keep them from being true bros when it comes to motorcycles. “Mostly this bike is used for Sunday afternoon rides. I like to take in the Ohio scenery and ride till I get tired. I love to go down to the local Harley dealership Powder Keg in Mason, Ohio, for the Friday night bashes,” said Rudy. It’s not all local solo rides, though, as Al added, “The bike did take a trip to Arizona for some fun in the sun with my brother Rudy. We rode up into Northern Arizona, thru Payson, Gerome, Clarkdale, and Prescott. Needless to say, we had a really good bikers’ tan with a little raccoon mixed in.”

Brothers, you can’t live with them and you can’t . . . Well actually you can, just ask Abel.


Name of bike: Roxy
Owner: Al Moreno
Year/Make: 2007 / FLHRC Road King® Classic
Fabrication: H-D
Assembly: H-D
Build time: Three years of continuous refining and not yet done
Engine: H-D Air cooled, four stroke, V-Twin, 'Twin Cam 96'
Cases: H-D
Rods: H-D
Pistons: H-D
Cylinders: H-D
Heads: H-D
Cam: H-D
Ignition: H-D Single-fire, non-wasted, map-controlled spark ignition
Carb: H-D Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Pipes: Samson Silver Bullet Mufflers - 33" Straight Pipe Fishtails
Air Cleaner: H-D Screamin' Eagle Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner
Transmission: H-D 6 Speed / Belt
Primary: H-D
Clutch: H-D
Frame: H-D Mild steel, square-section backbone with twin downtubes
Rake: N/A
Stretch: N/A
Forks: H-D 41.3 mm telescopic, cartridge-style damping
Front wheel: H-D Steel Spoke
Rear wheel: H-D Steel Spoke
Front Tire: Harley Davidison Dunlop MT90B16
Rear Tire: Harley Davidson Dunlop MU85B16
Front Brake: H-D 2x 292mm disc 4 piston caliper
Rear Brake: H-D Single 292mm disc 4 piston caliper
Fuel Tank: H-D 18 9 Litres
Oil Tank: N/A
Fenders: H-D
Handlebars: Wild 1 Chubby Beach Bars (W0550)
Risers: N/A
Sissy bar: N/A
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: H-D LED
Hand Controls: H-D Slotted
Grips: H-D Chrome and Rubber Collection
Foot Controls: H-D
Pegs: H-D Chrome and Rubber Collection
Electrical: H-D
Painter: H-D
Color: Pewter Pearl
Graphics: H-D
Polishing: Front Rotors PYO Bagger Nation
Molding: N/A
Seat: H-D Brawler Solo Seat
Any special features of the bike not listed in spec sheet that should be pointed out: Spirit Bell - My good friend's daughter Lauren Bells Rides with me ever time I go out.
Favorite aspect of bike: How you can take a plain Harley, make it custom to be you, not break the bank and get "WOWs".
Special thanks to: My wife Terri for putting up with the phrase, "I just need one more part!"

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