Cobra Lust Road Glide Custom

Written by  Story By Peter LaFrance Photos By Jack “Lust Is My Middle Name” Cofano Friday, 19 May 2017 16:48
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Man-O-Man, it’s hard to believe it’s been 55 years since the first Shelby Cobra was introduced the American public and a legend was born that still brings out the automotive lust deep inside us. Carroll Shelby’s Anglo-American hybrid had performance, looks, and an attitude that still grabs attention today even in replica kit form. Talk about bad ass, a Cobra was the very definition of bad ass and still is today. They’ve become an American icon as much as Harley-Davidson has with the same type of loyal fans who can only dream of owning a million-dollar Cobra, but can definitely afford a Harley. Mix up those twin lusts in a shaker glass and what’ll pour out is the Cobra-inspired custom Road Glide that’ll still knock your socks off like a Cobra did although maybe not quite as much. I can think of a million reasons why, but you get the point.

   That’s exactly the case here with this Cobra-lust Road Glide built by Donn Ogilvie and Mike Campbell, co-owners of Evil Iron Customs in Pickerington, Ohio. What started out as a stock 2012 Road Glide Custom ended up taking a sharp turn to customville with no return trip planned until it was tweaked out from end to end. Pretty much what Shelby did when he turned a six-cylinder AC Ace sports car into the brutal, yet beautiful 289 Cobra. There’s some DNA still shared between the originals muses and the final outcomes, but by the time both Shelby and Evil Iron Customs were through they were totally different animals from the originals. 

   Like all big wheel custom baggers, the first mod after stripping it down to bare bones was modifying the frame to accept a big wheel. In this case, Evil Iron chose a reasonable-size 26-inch Classic wheel from SMT Machining to build around. The classy look of this five-spoke wheel is a design that will never go out of style or be pigeonholed to a certain era like a mullet is today (Hey, if you’re wearing a mullet today, more power to you and keep on rockin’, but just remember it’s a choice.).  A single custom rotor and caliper replaces the OEM dual disc setup to enhance the wheel view at least from the right side. Another SMT wheel is supposedly out back but it’s hard to see much of anything when the Dirty Air El Grande front and rear air ride system is dropped onto the Matt Risley Innovation electric center stand for its sitting straight-up glamour shots. 

  Other than dragging the Twin Cam engine through a river of chrome, I don’t think too much ahas been done to it and that’s just peachy with me. Harley’s Twin Cam 103 is a decent package dead stock. But with the addition of a Cobra-topped free-breathing air filter and a tough bastard of a 2-into-1 Rayzer exhaust by Python with an Evil Iron mod at the tip to make things just a little more brutal, it is one bad ass bagger engine. Originally, Donn had a Vance & Hines Big Radius exhaust on it and it look fine, but the Python Rayzer with Evil Iron mods surely resembles the side pipes of a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">427 SC Cobra much better. 

  When you check out what bodywork Donn went with, you find a list of names well known throughout the industry. It’s no surprise to find that fender maker to the stars, B’COOL Products coughed up the 26-inch front fender that has a fender flip to it that mimics the chin spoiler and gives a cool place to put one of Shelby’s more modern coiled Cobra emblems. Top Shop supplied pieces like the tank, the frame covers, and last, but not least, their 2014 Black Death kit that brings on the flowing bags and rear fender to the mix. The Azzkikr Shark Nose fairing is a sleeker and sharper take over the stock FLTRX fairing especially when combined with Harley-Davidson Daymaker projector beam headlights. They still look very sci-fi to me, but with the two smaller Road Glide versions versus a big single batwing style Daymaker, the Road Glide is less freaky. Anything less on a custom Road Glide now is going to look kinda cheesy to me.

   I skipped over a couple of pieces at the back end, but their time has come. Okay, nobody’s going to miss those huge eight-inch speaker bag lids from Speed By Design especially if the Focal Audio system consisting of three pair of K2 6.5 speakers and tweeters,  Z-Z-Z-Z-Z . . .  Anyway, you get the point there’s a big ass audio on board and I fall asleep trying to dissect them into words. If you really want to know what’s on there for sound equipment you’ll have to get in touch with Donn Ogilvie himself. I can tell you there’s even more to find out about in that chopped Bagger Brothers tour pack that’s been tweaked a bit by Evil Iron audiophiles.

    Evil Iron fabbed both rider and passenger floor floorboards for the build and chose a 14-inch Carlini Design handlebar to hold the tasty little Moto Gadget electric switches that really redefine control switches as we know them. Performance Machine hand controls join in on the major bar restyle going on and finishes the look off nicely as usual.  

It seems so trivial to say the seat was stitched up by James Carter as his fresh modern take on seat design gets more interesting with every one I run across. There are old and new Cobra elements in this seat and back pad that have a style all of their own. Classy red stitching, different textures and speed holes straight out of an original GT40 interior look the biz.

   When it came time for paint, it was a no-brainer for Cobra freak extraordinaire Donn Ogilvie. It had to be blue with white stripes like the scheme that became so iconic from association with the Cobra Daytona coupe to the later 427 model. They were America’s international racing colors and what is more American than a Cobra or a Harley? So, cobalt blue with a white stripe it was. Like ol’ Carroll himself on snake badging his cars, Donn made sure you knew this was Cobra-inspired with not only snake badges and emblems tastefully strewn around the bike, but the gauges have new faces with a coiled snake inside each round glass gauge. Hey, even his license plate is CBRA1.

   As expected, the Shelby-inspired blue and white (with red pinstriping outlining the colors) really pops in light and it’s easy to see the Cobra connection. At least it’s easy to see by a Cobra freak like me, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s as Cobra-esque to many, many other people too. The Cobra had a longer lasting effect than any run of just 998 cars total ever should have. It’s long term lusting like the type Donn Ogilvie suffers from that inspired him to interpret what a modern two-wheeled version could be like today. I hate the snakes, but I love the cars. Especially in blue with white stripe(s) and Donn’s Cobra tribute works just fine for me. 

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