Custom Bagger From A Parallel Universe

Written by  Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “That’s Where I Live” Cofano Thursday, 05 April 2018 12:00
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   First off I should state that although this appears to be a brand new custom big wheel bagger build, it isn’t and it is at the same time. Photographed fresh from a build at a show five-years ago, it still looks like it could be a contemporary of anything built today. It’s got all the right unofficial requirements that big wheel custom bagger should have from the obvious big front wheel to the sit on the ground stance to the flowing bodywork that looks like it’s under a constant wind of dark matter.   


    Built by Vindictive Wayz of Rutherfordton, North Carolina, it’s a beautifully re-made 2002 Harley-Davidson Road King if big wheel baggers are your thing or even if they merely interest you to see how outrageous they can be. This one’s had every bit replaced or re-worked into something it wasn’t to begin with including the OEM frame and engine.

    The FLHR frame got the old one-two neck treatment to allow the large 30-inch SMT Machining High Stakes wheel to fit. The extended neck is boxed in and smoothly molded like nothing ever happened. Everything hanging off it got the super-deluxe custom treatment too from the forks to the single front brake. The front and rear suspension also got a big change with air suspension allowing for normal ride height at sped to dropping to its proverbial knees (actually an MRI electric center stand) at rest.

   The Twin Cam engine has been in for a bit of fuss and muss work that produces more horsepower without making the engine a beast while there’s been some serious makeover bits you don’t get as standard. Things like Diamond Cut heads, a very fruity 2-into-1 exhaust that stakes its claim to the right side of the engine architecture the best it can, or the machined billet high flow air cleaner whose cross design mimics the billet floorboards and foot controls. Vindictive did a nice job of blending disparate things into a common theme where harmony flows without punching you in the face.

   One thing that has changed in the five or so years since this was initially started is replacement bodywork. It’s getting so long and flowy and low to the ground even when pumped up to maximum that it’s bordering on the ridiculous. There’s no train locomotive headlight here or saddlebags and rear fender that look like the long train on a royal wedding dress. Just some tasteful bag and fender extensions to make things flow well without extreme exaggeration of the various bits unnecessarily hung on. Same tasteful changes were part of the new front fender, chin spoiler, fuel tank and the headlight. You know it’s a Harley and that’s important.

   Where this bike can run with the bulls of custom bikes today is the parallel universe paint theme that runs over not only the bodywork, but the left side of the engine too. It’s definitely depicted as a world I would just as soon pass up moving to. I’m sure there’s a lot of you that absolutely love that paintwork and that’s totally cool with me. I will say it’s very well done and there’s something new and different to look at doing a 360 around this former Road King.

    One big thing that’s different here is that it looks to be an audio-free zone other than the bellowing 2-into-1 and that’s fine by me. Matter of fact, you probably couldn’t hear the audio system at speed once that exhaust was up to ramming speed anyway. That’s just the way I like it so for the rest of you 99% of riders who love giant audio systems on their baggers, good on you.

    Funny how we can now go back even just five years ago and see the latest trends rapidly changing over that short period on big wheel baggers to where you might see this as a ‘simple’ radical bagger. From some of the extreme-extremes of the latest big wheel bagger builds, maybe something just a little less silly is not such a bad way to go don’t you think?

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