Rolling Festival Of Gold Road Glide

Written by  Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “The Kids Are Alright” Cofano Thursday, 31 August 2017 15:33
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   Don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned this or not, but I’ve got a thing about gold. Yeah, I know, big surprise, everybody covets gold for its unique metallic properties and its high value. Hey, that’s okay for you maybe, but I’ve got a thing about gold paint on motorcycles, not the stuff selling for an ounce at $1319.60 as of August 29th. What the hell would I do with an ounce of gold, look at it? But, a well-done gold motorcycle is something I know exactly what to do with and it ain’t just looking at it. 


  If I had a choice of checking out a bar of gold which is worth north of a half-million dollars or the gold strike of a bagger built by Covingtons Customs in Woodward, Oklahoma, for the Hot Bike Magazine Tour, you’ll find me checking out Jerry Covington’s masterpiece in gold. I’ve seen enough gold bars in the movies and on TV so no big whoop there. 

   On the other hand, just look at that Pagan Gold candy with gold mini-flake and Pearl White panel graphics with gold leafing and tell me it doesn’t grab your attention. It’s a festival of gold with tasteful accents. Like my mother always used to say, “If bling’s your thing, go big or go home.”

     Jerry Covington started this bit of bagger art with a 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, stripped it of everything he could and began again using many of Covingtons’ parts that they offer for sale. There are plenty of other one-off parts for this particular build too as you shall see

     Like every custom bagger, the build begins with the frame and here it’s modded to accommodate the one-off 26-inch front wheel that’s a product of Covintons Customs shop. The design is strikingly different, almost like the skeleton of a wheel more than the wheel itself. Very cool stuff Covingtons. The wheel carries a single large rotor that’s worked on by a coupla Performance Machine four-piston calipers. PM’s MegaBrake, that’s a lotta brake, but there’s good reason as you shall see.  

   As you can see, this Road Glide can now lay on its own frame tubes at rest. The lay frame mods were undertaken by Hofmann Designs in Buffalo, Minnesota utilizing air ride suspension front and rear. Dropping the bike to the ground at rest or pumping it up and riding away never gets old. Plus it really sets off a show piece of design when sitting straight up and down for all the world to easily take in. Just walk around and drink it all in.

    There’s one thing that typifies any Covingtons’ build no matter what it is and that’s power ─lots of power, excessive power, not enough power ever power. Jerry’s always been about mega-horsepower whether it’s on two of four wheels. The stock 103 Twin Cam engine is a good engine, but not good enough for Jerry. It’s acquired a set of S&S cylinders for a new displacement of 106-inches along with a welded crank for strength. The heads were flowed and along with a few other performance bits, it was time to bring on the big mutha. Yep, a Trask Performance turbo with intercooler for the EFI Twin Cam engine that at least doubles what you started with. Nothing says “Hold On!” more than a turbo spooling up on a nicely modified engine.

   Needless to say, you could get blinded by all the chrome and show-polished bling reflecting sunlight like a laser from the polished block to the Covingtons’ rocker box covers. It’s like a metallic version of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude only with added bling. The Covington/Trask exhaust is an in your face charmer that could probably knock your eyeballs around if aimed right. It’s more shotgun exhaust than anything. Backing this power up is a BAKER Drivetrain 7- speed tranny that can take a licking and keep on ticking. All high-tech stuff made to take abuse and look good doing it.

   But, Covingtons took this type of engine finish to a whole new level with extensive, I mean really extensive, engraving on the pipes, rocker boxes, intake, open belt primary, tranny, and just about anything else that got in the way of the engraver. It’s just a lovely thing to drink in and it also matches the engraving on the front wheel and fork legs too. Somebody at Covingtons sure spent a lot of time metal tattooing this bagger, but it was all worth it. It’s just a beautiful engine with the power to back up its fancy boy looks.

    Other than the Road Glide’s trademark frame-mount fairing, there’s not much OEM bodywork showing other than the basic Harley bagger DNA. Like any radical bagger, the bodywork’s been stretched, smoothed and reworked with lots of aftermarket pieces that also have been modified to suit Jerry’s taste. The modified TOL Designs saddlebags feature Covintons’ latches and the fuel tank is a Covingtons’ stretched unit with a Covingtons’ cap matching the wheel design. The rear fender is by Covingtons as well as the oil tank. All very nice stuff and good looking in a big wheel bagger way.

    As I mentioned earlier, the most striking part of the build other than everything else which is also striking, is the basic Pagan Gold Candy over a gold base with gold mini flake paintwork by Covintons and the Pearl White graphics with gold leafing by Brian Loker of The Art of Moto in Owasso, Oklahoma. Gold paint can only go two ways, very good or very bad, with no gray areas in between. When it’s done right like it is here it’s simply gold fabulousness and the contrasting Pearl White plays off it well. It looks more like a gold clock you’d see in a glass case on the rich guy’s fireplace mantle. Not trashy, but classy.

    By the way, for all of you who says that a bagger this radical is all show bike and not a street bike, Jerry and his wife Kathleen rode this bad boy for over a thousand miles on the Hot Bike Tour without nary a problem. Jerry and the Covingtons crew have proven that you can have your cake and eat it too. You gotta respect a guy and a business like that. I know I do. 

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