Shades of Blue

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Let me start off by saying that I am honored to be writing up a couple of bikes in this issue built by two of the most genuine, positive, down to earth individuals I have met in my five years with Barnett’s. I have been privileged to know Dale Walksler (See ‘36 VEL in this issue) for a few years. But in the past few months I have also had numerous occasions to meet and chat with Lee Wimmer, owner of Wimmer Performance in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina, the builder of Shades of Blue…one class act.


The build you see here started off as a 1999 Electra Glide basket case. One man’s crappy and neglected barely-functional machine is another man’s cheap buy that can be rejuvenated into a sleek classic. That’s exactly what happened here.

An admirer of Lee’s personal bagger, Wayne Berry wanted one for himself.

The first thing to do was to strip off all the old damaged metal and replace it with spanking-new metal. Let’s be real here, this build wasn’t going to be some far-out fighter jet, snake-themed, or dragon-styled freak motor monstrosity. The idea was to come up with a sleek and smooth classic Harley bagger that anyone would be proud to ride.

With the new metal in place it was time for Russ Wernimont to cob up a front fender to complement the Milwaukee Bagger’s rear fender and bags. With that done, it was time to add the only bling this bike really needed, that great looking Performance Machine 21” Heathen front wheel.

The 21” front wheel seems to be a very popular add-on to many baggers I’ve seen. Being someone who refuses to jeopardize handling for style, I would be interested to hear how people riding with a 21” front compare the handling to the stock Harley wheel.

Of course Lee had to put the Wimmer mark on this bike by installing a set of Wimmer floorboards, as well as his beautiful Tri Flow air cleaner with matching blue air filter. Ladies, let me tell you, the face of that air cleaner is so clear you could put your make-up on with it. Guys let’s just say if you wear make-up you’re reading the wrong magazine. This is not Men’s Health magazine.

The finishing touch, which ties everything together, is the deep blue paintjob by Bobby Johnson, complimented by the artistic and flawless pinstriping by East Coast Artie. When I went to Lee’s house to photograph this bike, it was in his garage along with his own deep-blue bagger and his deep-blue Vette. If his house wasn’t brick I’d bet it would also be deep blue.

Jack says, “This bike ain’t gonna win first place at the Rat’s Hole in Sturgis. It’s not gonna be a contender in any bike build-off, but I’ll tell you what, it will stand out like a precious gem in any parking lot at any rally it shows up at.” Simple and sublime.

Hey, let’s face it, we all like to marvel at the wild customs, the crazy bobbers, and okay, some people like all the theme bikes, but for me I say “KISS” it (keep it simple stupid). I like to ride and as Lee says, this bike was meant to cruise. Amen brother. 

Up Close: Wimmer Tri Flow Air Cleaner

So you want to give your bike a little bang for the buck, what do you do? For starts you want do get as much air into your engine as you can while making sure you’re protecting it from all the nasty elements that can cause problems. Here’s the ticket.

The Wimmer Tri Flow is an air cleaner that not only enhances performance, but looks great doing it. It comes in two versions, the Stage 1 and Stage 2 models. The Stage 2 differs from the Stage 1 by giving you a wider filter and an internal velocity stack. Wimmer estimates that these elements produce an increased airflow of approximately 70cfm compared to stock air cleaners. More blow means more go. Also, estimates that Wimmer had independently dyno’d come in at around six or seven extra horsepower. Other tests that I have read from various sources seem to match that figure.

One of the great things about all their intakes is that they are interchangeable from one bike to another by merely changing the backing plate or sometimes just a shim. So if you buy a new bike you can still use the product and you’re good to go.

Jack says “BEWARE of manufacturers who claim you will get ten-plus horsepower with their intakes.” That’s almost a fifteen-percent-overall gain…give me a break. If you believe that I’ve got some pills that will also increase the size of your manhood by fifteen-percent and make you look like “Smilin Bob.”

For the cost of the air cleaner, I suppose you could go out and buy some new leather, but that leather won’t make your scoot go faster. Priorities man, gotta get more go.

Visit or call 843-492-0412 for info.

Builder: Lee Wimmer, wimmer Custom Cycles / Wimmer Machining

Lee, the self-proclaimed “King of High-Performance Intakes” is the owner of Wimmer Custom Cycles and Wimmer Machining. I’ll bet he’s getting real tired of that “King” thing. You guessed it, his specialty is high-performance intakes, velocity stacks, and air filters that are interchangeable and will fit almost every carburetor on the market.

Lee started his career learning the machinist trade, eventually opening his own shop. He has been at it for almost 30 years and in the past has made parts for the Hughes’ telescope, cruise missiles, and torpedoes. As Lee likes to say, “I made parts for things that blow up.” A large part of his business is currently water treatment components, as well as toxic and combustible gas detectors.

His auspicious start in the motorcycle industry started when his 1993 Softail Springer was stolen…the swine should be drawn and quartered. Lee’s loss was our gain. To replace his bike he decided to build his own bike and with his years of machining knowledge and all of his machinery he started making his own parts. Noticing at the time that there was no one out there manufacturing quality intakes he decided, “What the hell, I can design and produce a product that would look great and enhance performance,” and by golly he delivered. With his use of CAD and CAM design along with state-of-the-art CNC machines, he can fabricate just about any part he can imagine..

Lee Wimmer is also a proud member of the Hamster motorcycle gang…just kidding they’re not a gang. Boy have I ever blown any chance of ever becoming a Hamster.

Wimmer Performance is in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. You can contact him at 843-492-0412 or check out his web site at for more info.

Owner: Wayne Berry
Year/Make: 1999 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Wimmer Performance


Chuck Shearer/Lee Wimmer

Build time:

on and off 4-months

Engine: 1999 H-D TC88A
Carb: Magneti Mareli EFI
Pipes: Rush Slip-ons
Air Cleaner: Wimmer Tri flow
Transmission: 5-speed H-D
Primary: Stock H-D
Clutch: Stock H-D
Forks: Stock H-D
Rear Suspension:

Progressive Suspension

Front Wheel: Performance Machine 21" Heathen
Rear Wheel: Stock Powdercoated
Front Tire:

Avon 120/70-21

Rear Tire:

Avon mu 85x-16

Front Brake:

Performance Machine

Rear Brake:

stock H-D

Fuel Tank:

stock with Klock Werks dash


Front: Russ Weirnmount

Rear:Milwaukee Bagger


Burley Bars


Stock H-D


In bag lids Milwaukee Bagger

Grips: Performance Machine
Pegs: Wimmer Custom Cycle/ Peg Boards
Electrical: Stock H-D
Painter: Bobby Johnson
Graphics: Pin striping by East Coast Artie
Chroming: DGM

A Little One

Special thanks to:

Chuck Shearer

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