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Written by  Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Not Going Outside” Cofano Sunday, 21 January 2018 19:48
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  Can you guess what year this radical custom bagger is just by looking? If you can, you are a much better guesser than me although that’s probably a pretty easy thing to do. When I first saw this striking bright blue bike I just figured it was another new or close to new conversion of one of Harley’s touring models. I guess I’m getting so used to brand new or one- or two-year-old models getting a massive makeover with no regards for the bottom line that I just assumed it was one more completely fancy lad build. I was wrong.



  Oh it’s still a fancy lad build in some ways like nothing was left untouched along the way to bagger extremism, but the donor bike was already 15-years-old when it all started. Big old chunk of change difference between a 2018 and a 2003 custom bagger muse and that’s gotta help on the required changes to complete custom bagger status. Just remember that practically all the stock stuff is tossed and replaced whether it’s new or 15-years-old so why not save some bucks that nobody knows you did if they didn’t know the birth date?


   Okay you might have to do a little extra stuff like refurbish or rebuild an engine, but that’s still peanuts compared to what you’d save overall. And, I know I’ll get crap for this, but in this type of situation, a good running and sounding TC88 would be just as useful as a new Milwaukee Eight. I’d bet 95% of radical baggers never see more than 60mph at best and that’s okay. I don’t care how anybody rides their own bikes (or not) or how fast (or not). As long as I can ride my bike the way I want life’s okay with me.


  This 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King was thoughtfully built by the lads at Twin City Cycle Works in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with all the tricks of the trade included on this build. Stretched framework to accommodate the 30-inch front wheel, not a piece of stock bodywork insight (and I mean nowhere), a pleasant chrome fest on display, air ride front-and-rear, an electric center stand, audio and an eye-catching paintjob check all the boxes. Not a trick was missed.


   The end result is something a custom big wheel bagger lover just might be able to afford (within reason of course, none of this stuff is cheap). If you wanted a big wheeler that hits all the right buttons but stays out of the high-priced stratosphere that a new donor bike can only start from, this is a decent way to go. For all intents and purposes nobody would be the wiser that you saved $15-$20 grand as they’d be too busy checking it out. Hey, if you don’t care about saving that kind of dough, I’m impressed. But, hey, I’m easily impressed so don’t go all high and mighty, it’s the others you have to worry about.


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