Dave Perewitz’s Wicked Pissa PPG Sportster

Written by  By Jeff Spicoli Photos by Jack “Enjoying The Hell Out Of Smoke Out 15” Cofano Friday, 27 June 2014 15:35
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If there’s a happier man in the custom motorcycle business than smiling Dave Perewitz I’d be surprised and shocked. Dave’s been at this since before a good portion of you reading this were even born and he’s still at it today at his shop, Perewitz Cycle Fabrication in Halifax, Massachusetts. And, he’s still smiling after all the hard early years when builders weren’t quite sure if the next dollar might ever be coming. Talent, hard work, enthusiasm, and being smart as hell helped to make sure he was always standing on his own two feet and those traits are what makes him both successful and a legend in the industry today.



    For me, the two things that come to mind when I think of Dave are his paintwork and his love of Pro Street bikes. Both of these things defined him during the last glory days of legendary builders. But, there’s a lot more going on than just that as he continues to pull a rabbit or two or more out of his hat as times change and so does Dave. His painting is still impeccable and highly sought after and he’s not known as “The King of Flames” for nothing. If you’ve got one of his paintjobs, you only have to say one word to describe it ─ “Perewitz” and anybody will understand what that means. As for the pro streets that he’s famous for, his still commands a premium and respect far beyond others. But, there’s a lot more to a man who was building customs when old school was the new school.


    Besides the custom baggers he know turns out for admiring fans, Dave’s got a bit of the old school streak still in him and this sporty old school Sportster he built as part of his connection with PPG shows he’s still got it. As you can see in Jack Cofano’s photos, it’s front and center in one of PPG’s displays showcasing their Big Flake, Flamboyance, and Vibrance collections of retro paint finishes. What better spokesman could PPG have than Dave “Mr. Personality” Perewitz himself? I can’t think of one and you probably can’t either. 


     This old Sporty is as clean as clean can be from the springer front end cradling a classic 21-inch spoked wheel with a equally classic ribbed front tire to the tightly bobbed rear fender covering another spoker wearing a tall sidewall fat-for-the-times tire. The clean, but not overdone XL engine looks absolutely perfect in a raw finish with black barrels. No unnecessary modern bling to spoil the picture and that’s not a surprise as his first custom was a ’64 Sporty that he built before the dawn of the ‘70s. Three’s not a thing on there that doesn’t need to be and what is, is way cool and that’s what old school means to me at least.  


   Yup, PPG hooked a big one with Dave that will never get thrown back. We’re the lucky recipients of the outcome with a Sportster as wicked pissa as this one sporting a paintjob that will bring a smile to anyone’s face whether they lived through old school or just wish they did.


  For more info on what Dave’s up to, click on http://www.perewitz.com/ and see for yourself.




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