Salimata Linguer’s Lucky Charm Sportster

Written by  By Peter LaFrance Photos by Jack “You're always after me Lucky Charms” Cofano Monday, 04 September 2017 13:39
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Getting a good deal on a custom bike has become much easier than it was a short time ago. Getting a good deal on a custom bike that's not a compromise and really punches all the right buttons is another thing, though. Sometimes the planets align correctly (or whatever floats your spiritual boat) and you get the best of both world's like Salimata Linguer of Wilmington, Delaware, got with her 2003 Lucky Charm Choppers Sportster-powered bobber she picked up used.

"It was a trade-in at Hannums Harley-Davidson and Terry the salesman called up my husband, Mustafaa, to tell him he had something I would like," said Salimata. "So, we went up there and there it sat in all its glory. But, as it sat it would never pass inspection so Terry said he would give us a good deal if we took it as is and I did."

Now this is the part where I should mention that Salimata's husband just happens to own a custom shop, Spray Can Customs, in Wilmington, Delaware and rides a Sportster custom with a 25"-over Sugar Bear springer, so getting this bike ready to pass an inspection was not a big deal for him. Besides, with only having to fork out $4,000 for a custom bike that looks like a million when they got through with it was a win-win for everybody except maybe the original purchaser.

After getting it through inspection and on the road, was it that mystical planet alignment (or whatever) moment for its new owner? "I have to say that the guys at Lucky Charm Choppers hit this one out the park. My bike, which I named Pharaoh, is a 2003 Lucky Charm Choppers build with a 12"-over springer, I think about a 40-degree rake with a 4" stretch, but I'm guessing, and powered by a chain-driven Sportster 1200 motor," said Salimata. "The bike rides well and is quite comfortable with the spring seat and just enough air out of the rear tire. It doesn't need a thing and if the company was still in business, I would definitely consider buying another, but I know we'd never find a second one anywhere near 4Gs."

All I can think of is that Lucky Charm Customs was way ahead of its time with a now-totally cool and acceptable 1200cc Sporty mill powering a custom that looks like it is a fresh, current build, not ten-year's old. Ten years in this industry can look like it should be stylistically measured in dog years, but Salimata's Pharaoh just looks nice, really nice and also has the flavor of a fun ride too. "The paint is an awesome blend of fish scales and pin stripes. It gives it a kool-ass Egyptian flavor and makes me feel like Cleopatra da Biker Queen," said Salimata. "My favorite aspect, besides the power of the rumble between my thighs and the roar of the pipes, has to be the brass-knuckles that double as the foot pegs. They speak to the sexiness and strength in the vision of the builders. It's the perfect bike for me and we represent each other well." Me? I like the oil tank a lot, but I gotta admit I do like the overall design a lot and still can't get over that this was tastefully built during the heyday of too much is never enough so keep throwing money at it until it's just slightly beyond-beyond.

It should be mentioned that even though Salimata says the bike makes her "feel like Cleopatra da Biker Queen," this bike is no garage queen. "I'm a drama teacher and I ride it all the time to work 'cause I'm usually dressed down as well as to local bike events that I wanna make an unforgettable entrance and impression. I wish I could say I ride it everyday, but life just won't permit it," she said.

Now that it's a regular rider and all, I had to ask if there were any big plans to run it through Mustafaa's shop for a do-over? "The bike as it sits is pretty nice. The front brake is crap so I've been riding without one for a few years. We are gonna exchange it out for a 21' on a spool like my husband's bike. It's a super clean look and I think it will look pretty nice. My husband is really big on 'kool points,'" said Salimata. "I'm hot as Hell and I have a bad ass chopper and I didn't have to wait for my husband to finish with customers' builds to get it. Even though I would have preferred one of his creations, I am very happy with our purchase."

All in all, this sounds to me like this was the perfect custom storm then. Salimata got the bike she wanted immediately at a price she couldn't refuse, Mustafaa got to do a minimal amount of work compared to starting from scratch, and, most importantly, marital bliss on motorcycles continues to thrive in the Wilmington, Delaware, area. Yep, maybe there's something to that planet alignment spiritual thing after all.

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