Corbin FXR Warbird Thursday, 25 July 2013 15:47

To true Harley-Davidson aficionados, the FXR, FXRT, and FXRP represent the best bikes to come out of the minds at Juneau Ave, in Milwaukee since the Evolution revolution of 1983. The cops rode them. The Hells Angels swore by them. And, Harley stopped building them. Some say that they interfered with the smooth running of the assembly line because of the fitment of the motor into the frame.


Mike Corbin was in the process of designing a new Warbird package and decided that the FXR frame would be the ideal starting point. A newer motor was needed, so a Twin Cam with an attached 6-speed tranny to power it was selected. Since sound defines a Harley, 2-into-1 header-wrapped pipes dumping into a titanium sound enhancer were attached.

I'm not an engineer, but the stock FXR forks left something to be desired so Harley-Davidson V-Rod forks were obtained with one-inch axles needed and ordered.

   A Corbin Warbird kit was designed and made to fit the FXR frame. Meanwhile all the miscellaneous bits and pieces to finish it up were gotten and installed. The expiration date on Mike’s AMEX card was checked and some expensive California legal paint was ordered, shot, and the bike looks like you see it now.

 I'm not a builder, painter, or fabricator, but everybody involved did their thing and the end results are the included images. There ain't no road test as when I asked if I could take it for a test ride, the answer was. . .  guess?

 Ya wanna see this great looking bike in the flesh? Then attend the FXR-ONLY  show in Sturgis.

For more information on the FXR-Only show, contact Joe Mielke by phone at 605-228-3318 (cell) or 605-996-3700 (work) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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