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  Life is just a big bowl of cherries was one of those phrases I just never really understood. It’d pop up out of somebody’s cake hole when I least expected it and somehow it “explained everything” without saying anything concrete so to speak. It’d often pop up when things weren’t going so well and some well-meaning, but totally insensitive person would fill in a bad happening with, “Well life’s not supposed to be a bowl of cherries you know.” Oh really? I always like having the absolute obvious “explained” to dumb old me in an ancient phrase nobody understands or cares about. All I can hope is that the mystery owner of our feature bike didn’t have to hear about cherries living in a bowl.



Even though he’s a mystery owner, I was able to trace down someone who had done a little repair work on this bike who had the wrong answer to my question about the bike and owner. All I could find out was that this dynamite hot rod of a Sportster was unfortunately totaled not long after it was finished by an idiot motorist. Man, that makes me more than a little sad as I really was into Jack Cofano’s photo shoot of this tough-ass street brawler of an XL before I found out about its demise. It might not be a thing built for interstate travel, but it sure looked like an amusement park ride you wanted tp buy a roll of tickets for. It’s got the right stance with a springer up front adding a touch of bad ass nostalgia and a 2-into1 header-wrap exhaust that was born to be loudly amusing throughout the rev range.


Beefy brakes, front-and-rear, nimble frame geometry, and a sprung and padded seat that won’t kill you combined with a killer green with white scallops paint job gives this bike the look of a street brawler you’d be proud to be seen on. There’s just enough of everything and there’s also something special not all builders are capable of, knowing when to stop. Yup, I really like this bike and it’s sad it’s no longer with us, but I’m sure a few pieces have gone on to live in one or more bikes. And no, I didn’t find the owner, but I did hear he came out of this just fine and is back riding. Yup, life is a just a bowl of cherries after all.


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