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Written by  By Sam Potter Photos courtesy of Lionel Bosse Friday, 27 September 2013 04:18
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  Like the say about the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. Lionel Bosse came to play with his feature bike submission to Barnett’s Magazine Online and won. No, not the lottery, that would be too easy, but a chance to show the world what he’s done to his 2011 Street Bob. Oh, and yeah, if you didn’t know or at least guess this bike was formerly a Street Bob, don’t feel bad. No one I showed the photos to did either although the exposed twin shocks are a dead giveaway it’s from some part of the rubber-mount big block family.



What makes this all the more intriguing is that Lionel lives about 20 miles outside of Paris and I don’t mean the city in Texas made famous by the 1984 movie Paris, Texas, or any of the other 21 American places named Paris. Yes sir that would be Paris, France, and the town Lionel lives in is Roissy-en-Brie. But enough of all that geographic hoopla, Lionel has taken a Street Bob that wasn’t quite working out for him and turned it into his version of his all-time dream bike, a Harley Duo Glide. Taking a look at the photos, I’d say he did a tremendous job without trying to be too cutesy about it like some modern/vintage-style customs.


Matter of fact, I think this bike could be its own model in the Harley lineup it’s just so comfortably good looking. The two-tone cream and blue paintjob is killer and immediately strikes you when you first see this bike. “The colors remind me of the sixties like on a Corvette,” said Lionel. Obviously this fine Frenchman has a thing about Americana and it shows in his good taste building this bike, but then so do so many Europeans it seems.


There are many changes and hard work involved in getting the Duo Glide look Lionel was going for. The drastic fender changes alone make this bike a standout form any angle yet somehow don’t have the heavy metal feel of a Duo Glide fender. Maybe it’s Lionel’s use of the Street Bob’s wheels gives it that air of a nimble road dancer or maybe it’s just a looker simply by not having saddlebags. Or maybe it’s that surprising French license plate frame photo in the gallery that made Mark Barnett’s day. Other vintage touches like the fork boots, headlight, toolbox, luggage rack, and the comfy-looking sprung solo seat add to the nostalgic feel without overdoing it. So far, Lionel has kept things in check financially by his wise use of second-hand parts and adapting them into the design beautifully. Harley stuff here costs a ton and I can’t even imagine what H-D parts and pieces cost in France but I know it’s gotta be as expensive as keeping a Citroen SM on the road.


Like every other Harley that’s left the dealer showroom even if that showroom is in France, Lionel’s bike is a work in progress. “The next step when I have the funds will be whitewall tires, an Old Schoolairfilter, and a 2-into1 fishtail exhaust,” he said. The exhaust and air cleaner changes are cool with me, but I think I like the businesslike-look of the blackwalls with the black rims. I guess what I’m saying is they look the business as they sit so don’t rush on the whitewalls. Do what you want, though, Lionel as you’ve done a fine job so far and I have faith that your good taste will continue to prevail until you’ve got that Duo Glide of your dreams.


Vous avez fait unexcellent travail en construisantcettebelle motomon ami et j'aihâte de voirplusde votre travail.


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  • Comment Link Saturday, 12 October 2013 posted by Chane

    Our friend Lionel really a very nice machine that many envy here in France, he did a remarkable job. Hello to our American friends at Barnett and good luck to all.

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