Captain America joins the Trike Set

Written by  By Peter LaFrance. Photos by Jack “I always liked Billy better” Cofano Wednesday, 03 September 2014 00:00
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Trikes are their own thing and if you love ‘em or just need one, good for you. There’s something out there that’s going to fit your wants, needs, and personal taste from MotorCo factory stockers to too numerous to list trike conversions to ground-up customs. It probably shouldn’t come as a big surprise then that the most iconic chopper of all time, the Captain America bike built by the late Ben Hardy for the most iconic chopper movie of all time, Easy Rider, finally has to trade in its two wheels for the getting-more-popular-each-passing-year trike version. Hey, the Captain America bike is 43-years older than when it first hit the screen and maybe it just doesn’t ride as easy as it once did, just like a lot of would-be Captain Americas.

Actually, this might even be a better version to ride across country than the original as it’s got to be a lot more stable and definitely easier to ride than the original. In case you didn’t know, it was rumored to be such a handful that Jack Nicholson actually broke one of Peter Fonda’s ribs squeezing him with his legs to keep his balance while he was riding on the back. Plus it holds a lot more gas (and room for more contraband) and it’s a lot easier to hang a bit more luggage on board. Maybe you think it’s not as cool, but just ask the little lovely sprawled all over this version which one she’d like more and I think you know the answer.

Updated trike versions of iconic bikes are a whole new ball game when you think about it and who knows what else may be triked out. Marlon’s Triumph? Lee Marvin’s Harley? As long as The Scooter Store doesn’t start advertising an adult mobility trike version of Captain America’s ride on late night TV, I’m okay with trike interpretations of iconic choppers. Well for now at least, I might think differently in the future.

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 04 September 2014 posted by Sgt. Paul Clinton USMC Ret.

    If my poor 1941 "45" servi car looked that good n ran.. but like all good things some day....

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