Mobtown Cycle’s Trick Tri Power Trike

Written by  By Peter LaFrance Photos by Jack “Three’s not a crowd” Cofano Friday, 24 August 2012 06:00
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There’s one way to get me to check out a trike and that’s chucking a set of vintage big whitewall slicks on it. No, not cheater slicks or drag radials or some giant wheel/low profile tire stuff, but real honest-to-gawd tall, whitewall slicks like they used to run when M&H Racemasters ruled the strips in the ‘60s. There’s just absolutely no way you could casually walk by a trike like this without stopping for a look even if you really needed to find a bathroom or something like that. Slicks like this were the stuff of legends and always will be.


The smart choice of whitewall slicks is only one aspect of a smart build by Tim Sneed, one of the three owners of Mobtown Cycle in Baltimore, Maryland, and if anything looks like fun on three wheels, this trike is it. Impossibly low and simple in design, but intricately detailed the more you look, Tim’s ’78 FXE-based trike has got it all going at once. Not a big surprise, though, as Mobtown makes some really nice stuff and as their website says, “You’ve found us. The best little secret in Baltimore.” Actually, after having checked out their extensive gallery of work building real bikes and their very cool blog, somebody’s (or maybe it’s a bunch of people) really got their finger on the trigger aesthetically or should I say artistically.

For more information on Mobtown Cycle, punch up and sit back and take it all in.

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