Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Mind Blowing Sound Lab Trike

Written by  By Buck Manning Photos by Jack “Too late about my mind” Cofano Friday, 21 September 2012 06:00
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Most custom builders were slow (or scared for some reason?) to get into the whole bagger thing around the time the Y2K scare was just a distant memory. A few dabbled here and there testing the waters while some reluctantly booked and filled orders, but there were a few, very few, who had the foresight to see the bagger phenomenon wasn’t going to stop until it went thermonuclear with a mushroom cloud of expensive parts and pieces destined for what once was considered an old man’s bike. One of those few insightful builders was a Phoenix, Arizona, gentleman by the name of Paul Yaffe who created his own Bagger Nation and rode this whole bagger thing like Slim Pickens’ character, Major Kong, did in the movie Dr. Strangelove. The explosion of Bagger Nation parts reached around the world until there was only one bagger area left to conquer, yup, you got it, trikes.


Like most projects, things start out one way and can totally take a different turn especially when there’s some interest from an outside source and, oh say like a big company like Rockford Fosgate gets involved. Yeah it’s no surprise that what originally started out as a smart project to take a new Harley trike and make some trick trike parts to add to the already extensive Bagger Nation catalog ended up being a slightly-beyond radical trike with a Rockford Fosgate sound system that’s so insane it also needed a trailer to carry all the sound equipment. Sweet Jebus, how much sound does a person need? Apparently quite a bit more than I can comprehend as the Rockford Fosgate slogan is ”Audio for Fanatics” and guess who’s one of them?

Be sure to check out all the build photos of this trike on Bagger Nation’s site as Paul’s pretty damn good with a camera too. I guess the question becomes, what can’t he do? All right, I thought of something for Mr. Yaffe to do and that’s actually getting someone to buy this trike as the asking price has got to be right up there in the crazy old days of “you can’t spend too much on a custom” we experienced a few years ago. Good luck Paul and I know you won’t let me down.


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