Arlen Ness

Written by  Barnett's Magazine Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00
Published in Ultra Customs
This bike was over the top. Where else can you go when you start at the pinnacle of our sport? I like the long intake runners, the fragile-looking front end, the wheels, and the elegantly-simple pipes. You can’t tour Kansas on this baby, but so what? And the idea of being able to see your mega-buck engine while riding is pretty interesting, better than staring at yourself in the gas cap isn’t it? - Mark Barnett, Publisher

When I asked Chica what he thought of the other S&S Anniversary bikes, he made an interesting comment that I have to quote: “When Arlen builds a wild bike, everyone says it’s ugly at first. Then, when his design sparks other ideas that people like, those same people will start building bikes that look like Arlen’s. He’s a true trendsetter.” With great respect, I’d call this bike a surfboardtracker springer because of its narrow tires, race inspired custom manifold and the surfboard shaped frame tubes and side covers over the oil and gas tanks. -Greg Friend, West Coast Editor

This bike has a very interesting artistic flow in the lines. The banana fatbobs gas tank is so different that I can’t decide if I like it or not. The wheels are just as abstract as the bike. The Ness covers and headlight do add some smoothness to the look. I’ve often wondered if the motor heat would be too intense without the tank or at least part of the frame lying over the motor on this style of bike.  -Penny Osiecki, Advertising Director


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