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Written by  Story by Buck Manning and photos courtesy of Cyril Huze Custom Inc. Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:00
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Writing an opening paragraph is always the hardest part of any story whether it’s a high school term paper or a feature article on a masterpiece by a master builder. It’s not often you can use the builder’s own words to describe it best, but in the case of Cyril Huze of Cyril Huze Custom Inc, maybe it’s best to let him make you understand what this beautiful machine is all about in his own words (you’ll have to imagine him speaking in his thick French accent). Expains Cyril, “You must understandTexas. It’s like a whole other country. When you are born there, you get the Lone Star State of Mind. You are first a Texan, and only second an American. So, our client’s briefing was very simple, ‘Give my new chopper a heavyTexasaccent. Make it the star of the highways, as fast as lightning in July, as hot as asphalt in summer.’ Well, here’s the result. VivaTexas.”

Well done Cyril, I couldn’t have said it better myself, especially with a French accent.Texasis a state of mind that ensnares the love of the Old West and high tech modernism at the same time. VivaTexasis an artistic creation that embodies living theTexasstyle without going over the top with TV-inspired themes. You won’t find any Texan stereotypes like Longhorns, garish belt buckles or Lone Star flags strewn about, but a cohesive theme giving the feeling of Texas as the real life state it is: big, self-confident, and powerful.

Bob Prince, owner of VivaTexas, got all this and more. Cyril chose a Stray Cat 250 RSD frame for its long, lean look and dipped it in rich chrome by Chromemasters for a jewel-like finish. Simple, understated, yet tastefully flashy all at the same time, much like how we Texans view ourselves. Mounted in that art show of a frame is a TP 114”  engine polished to compliment the frame finish, providing powerful six-gun power with the ability to drink the local oil wells dry through its S&S Super G carb. Topping that off is a large caliber Huze Velocity Stack which helps to suck in those ancient liquefied local dinosaurs (and also desert sand) while spewing out the combusted remnants through the graceful Martin Brothers Trendkill stepped-pipes, which appear to have been designed in a wind-tunnel. They really just look great on this bike. It’s no fun traveling across Texas at less than supra-legal speeds and a HITECH Outlaw (get it?) four-inch belt drive and six-speed RSD tranny helps the engine to make this possible while trying to avoid those sharp Texas State Troopers aka Texas Rangers. Keep singing, “The eyes ofTexasare upon you….” while illegally barreling along the Interstate, it might just help you avoid trouble. Keeping that engine cool is a Killer Chopper oil tank hanging in its own airy space for all-the world to see and admire. Mean Streets of El Paso provided their Predator forks which sharply rake into I-10 inspired headwinds. If you’ve ever driven across this huge state into a headwind the whole way, you know what I mean (How huge is it? Well, drive fromLos AngelestoSan Franciscoand back and you still haven’t covered enough miles to cross this state!). Rolling stock consists of five-spoke painted Extreme wheels front and rear with a holed-metal insert giving the large spokes a light, nimble look. A stout, but practical 250 Avon Venom tire encircles that handsome wheel, while up front a super model-like, tall and thin, 21”Avon does its best to be the first thing to let you know what’s happening on the Interstate. HHI provided its excellent single-disc brake for the front and Exile Cycles once again comes through with its clean and crisp sprocket/rotor setup. What goes up must come down and this set-up does its best to reel in that TP engine when you loosen the reins and it rears up and goes. Remember, “The eyes ofTexasare upon you….”

Human appointments abound with Huze risers holding Rockstars bars with CCSS controls and grips for the cable-less custom look. The smooth OMP/Huze foot controls have a beautiful life of their own going on, appearing to be a form of natural organic metal. Jeffery Phipps Custom Saddles laid out the hand tooled seat in creamy colored leather with Viva Texastastefully emblazoned on top. I suggest you check out his website at for an astounding array of tooled seats, I was impressed. Last, but not least, Cyril made all the bodywork from the sleek tank to those just right fenders. Chris Cruz was called in to transform Cyril’s paint designs into a finished product worthy of a proud Texan.  Judicious use of Candy Copper paint throughout the bike highlights where Huze thought it would tie it all together. Painted lower fork legs, triple trees and cylinder barrels break up and bring everything together at the same time, all the while emphasizing the chromed areas. Blue Bonnet blue star conches accentuate various parts while the whimsical dancing tribal graphics throughout the bike give the feeling of being in motion, especially the graphics on the front wheel. Is that wheel spinning? Hmmm… Keeping it real and legal are the Cyclone headlight and one of Cyril’s many beautiful tail lights. Mirrors? We don’t need no stinkin’ mirrors. Turn signals?  Don’t even go there. All in all, it’s a gorgeous bike that reflects a true Texan’s character and good taste.  

Bob Prince got more than he bargained for. Owning a bike from Cyril Huze is like owning a Picasso, it’s an object of art as well. Like reason #6 on Cyril’s twelve point philosophy of building an exceptional custom, “If you invest in beauty, it will be with you for the rest of your life.” Bob, I don’t have any idea what you spent, but I know you gotta feel like you got your money’s worth. Good for you man.

Builder: Life According to Cyril

When is a custom motorcycle not a highly modified travel conveyance, but deemed a work of art? Maybe it’s the difference between being built by a skilled artesian and a talented artist?  Any great work of art brings out an emotional response to it, you can feel the passion the artist felt and instilled in it while creating it. There are many great master builders today constructing exciting and thought provoking pieces, but who can be termed a true artist? For me, one who comes right to the forefront is Cyril Huze and his company, Cyril Huze Custom Inc ofBoca Raton,Florida. Cyril’s company has been in business for the past fourteen years, but that’s only the beginning of a long saga that originally started inParis,Francemany moons ago. Independent at 18 and financially successful with his own advertising company at age 28, Cyril was ready for a new challenge in life and turned to his inner passion for anything American, which was brought on by his worship of all that was America in the 50’s and 60’s: Rock ‘n Roll, Hot Rods, Movies, and Harleys (Sounds like he had us pegged to me). GoodbyeFrance, helloAmerica. First moving to New York in the late 80’s, he started customizing his own bikes and the response to them only fired up the passion to build even more and make it his new profession. Since setting up shop inFlorida, he has built a steady stream of one-off customs that use elements from all forms of art in them. Whether it’s fashion designers, fine artists, architects, or the movies, Cyril appreciates and observes their work and brings elements of what they do into his own creations. According to Cyril, “All my designs begin with discussing with my client what they are looking for in a bike and then a few weeks later I show them a drawing of what I feel the design could be, right down to the color of the paint. Usually we agree on all but 15 to 20% of a mature design. I always name the bike then as it gives a feel to the design. When my client and I agree on the drawing, I begin to build it.” Further adding, “I am a designer. I don’t specialize in any type of bike, so none of my bikes are the same. I work with my customers, I wouldn’t exist without them.” It can be hard to immediately recognize a Huze bike as they are all so different, but looking further, you can’t help but know it was Huze built. The smallest details are as important to him as large ones, “I try and bring my client’s personality into the design, like the gas tank for instance, it’s the same thing, who’s behind it. Customizing is a step in my life, drama happens to me.”

Practically speaking, customs are not the financial lifeblood behind Huze’s continued success. “They are built to showcase who I am and parts that I catalogue to sell. The bikes, even though they are usually expensive, do not make me lots of money like they also don’t for many other builders, but help me to sell items that keep my business successful. My clients are like the sponsors of the great European artists of the past who depended on their patrons to keep them making art.” His original and innovative ideas have spawned a huge catalog of parts that are used by many master builders and are available to the general public for their own bikes. I hear this so often from builders who command great prices for their customs, but all express the need to make and sell parts to stay solvent, so there’s gotta be something to it. Be a modern day patron yourself and check out his vast array of parts, you’ll like and appreciate what you see and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Endings can be hard to, so I’ll let the man himself sum up his own philosophy of creating artistic customs, “I will never design and build a bad motorcycle because somebody could buy it.” Nuff said. 

According to Cyril, “All my designs begin with discussing with my client what they are looking for in a bike and then a couple of weeks later I show them a drawing of what I feel the design 

Owner: Bob Prince 
Year / Make: 2005 Cyril Huze Special Construction  
Fabrication: Cyril Huze Customs 
Assembly: Garry Schmitgen – Cyril Huze Customs 
Engine: 2005 114” TP Engineering 
Carb: S&S Super G 
Pipes: Martin Brothers Trendkill
Air Cleaner: Huze Velocity Stack 
Transmission: 6-speed, Polished and chrome RSD
Primary: HITECH
Frame: Stray Kat 250 RSD
Forks: Mean Street Predator
Wheels: Xtreme
Front Brake: HHI
Rear Brake: Exile Sprotor
Fuel Tank: Cyril Huze Customs

Cyril Huze Customs

Hand Controls:


Foot Controls: OMP/Huze
Seat: Jeff Phipps

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