Eddie Lander’s Blown Magic

Written by  By Buck Manning and photos by Frank Rangel Wednesday, 01 December 2010 07:00
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (commonly called “split personality”) is a controversial psychiatric callout of a person who displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (alter egos). That personality change does not require a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde physical alteration; it can be just under the skin and only come out through attitude. Much like the wild supercharged custom featured and also the man who built it, Eddie Landers of Eddie Landers Engineering in Alamogordo, New Mexico. This long and low showbike can sit there and look creatively insane, but this bike can also actually take to the road and kick the rider’s ass and just about anyone else it comes in contact with. Same goes for Eddie, he’s a steady guy who speaks mildly but articulately about the extreme amount of thought and work that went into this project, but when you ask him about what it’s like to ride this over 200 hp (“easily”) his tone changes completely. “I don’t think I’ve been over three-quarter throttle yet. It scares the hell out of me!” he said laughing. Kinda like holding on to the outside of the space shuttle on takeoff I presume. From what I figured was another barely-running, but stunning-looking showbike changing to high-powered road warrior to Eddie’s methodical, detailed explanation of all things technical to his voice changing in excitement as he described riding this beast, there’s a lot of split personalities going on here.


Eddie built this as a personal ride and company showpiece and when you find out how much this guy built from chunks of aluminum and chromoly tubing, it’s astounding. “I drew it full scale exactly like I wanted it and built it off my own plans. Everything I’ve ever had has been supercharged, so I wasn’t going to back down now,” said Eddie. Basically all the polished billet stuff hanging out in front of the downtube started as finished ore. Yup, he built his own supercharger and drive from raw billet just because he could. “You can buy them, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted something totally different from what everybody else has. There’s a lot going on when this is running,” said Eddie. This setup pumps up a 127” RevTech in-name-only engine featuring Landers modified cases and heads, Landers billet steel crank, Carrillo rods, BRC blower pistons, Dual 42mm Mikuni flat slides, a Vertex magneto, Andrews’ cam, and well, you get the picture, if it was there originally, it’s been changed to a shadow of its former 100” self. This was not a superficial build either as Eddie even made his own oil pump to handle the increased power. When I asked him facetiously if he owned any catalogs, he said, “Not really. People say they built a bike, well I built mine where most of my buddies bought theirs and put it together.”

Same goes for the Softail-style frame with a 43-degree rake that Eddie built from .120-wall 4130 chromoly tubing instead of using one of the million catalog frames out there. The long, beefy springer is another Eddie-built item, big surprise there. “That’s solid aluminum tubing for strength and the fork legs are rifle-drilled so the brake fluid travels through ‘em,” said Eddie. “My dad makes gun barrels so I drilled them with a deep-hole drill. The fork leg is the brake line, there’s not a brake line in it.” Speaking of brakes, the dual calipers came into Eddie’s shop as a chunk of aluminum and went out the door as a finished Lander’s 4-piston caliper. Gazing aft, the sight of another set of dual Lander’s

4-piston calipers grabbing a single Ness rotor is a cool case of overkill. Eddie just laughed at my comment and said, “I just like dual calipers and they work great. I just did it for the looks.” For reasons unbeknownst to man, Eddie bought a Ness wheel for the front, but he machined his own matching wheel for the back that is enveloped in a reasonable-to-ride 230mm Avon. “It’s a showpiece for the shop, but I still take it out on a Saturday night when it’s nice,” said Eddie. I get it, he wants something he can pretty much ride and struggling against a huge back tire isn’t on the agenda.

Knocking out the big fuel tank, machining an aluminum oil tank, and modifying a Russ Wernimont Design fender blank gave rise to paint which surprisingly Eddie didn’t do. “We did everything right here but the paint. I did all the bodywork and prep work and a friend, Richard McWhirter, sprayed it,” he said. As for the choice of Hemi Orange paint, Eddie said, “I just like orange, always have. It looks good with polished aluminum.”

It’s showtime for this bike as Eddie said, “I’m taking my bike and go show it, I think it’s going to do well. I love to build nice stuff, show bikes, but if I can’t ride it and have a little fun with it, I don’t want it.” Right now it’s not for sale, I’m having too much fun with it. Maybe later― if the price was right.”  

Up Close: LePera seats

When it came time to fit a saddle to Eddie Landers’ Blown Magic, he didn’t start tanning his own hides, but instead turned to a well-known entity, LePera Enterprises of North Hollywood, California. He knew exactly what he wanted and knew they could make it to his exacting standards. LePera has been toiling away at this seat-making gig since Richard Milhous Nixon began his second presidential term back in 1972. Bob LePera Sr. established his company with a background starting with making an interior for his supercharged Studebaker Lark in his parents’ leather shop to later working alongside the legendary dragster and hot rod interior designer, Tony Nancy. With those skills in hand, Bob Sr. founded his business that’s still family-run today by his son, Bob Jr. and daughter Christine after his passing in 2008

Today, LePera can make you a seat from designs, styles, and coverings from basic leather to just about any exotic skin you could imagine to the old vinyl standby, Naugahyde, in a dizzying array of colors and stitching. Probably the hardest part of all of this is that if you don’t have an idea of what you want already, LePera has so many options available it could take you a long time to make up your mind, but that’s a good thing. Choices are what life’s all about and LePera ‘s right on track with that. Speaking of the simple yet effective LePera seat on Blown Magic, Eddie said, “I kinda like just black leather. Everybody’s into alligator skin and all that. I just stuck with the black leather and it’s a really good seat.” 

See all your unfathomable choices at LePera’s website, www.lepera.com  or give them a ring at 818-767-5110. 

Builder: Eddie Landers Engineering

History has a big place in Eddie Lander’s life, but it’s nothing to do with the Louisiana Land Purchase or Washington crossing the Delaware, it’s the history behind his business, Eddie Landers Engineering in Alamogordo, New Mexico. “My grandfather started this business in 1932 and I’m a third generation machinist. I actually started running a lathe when I was seven,” said Eddie. “I make a lot of race car, show car, and motorcycle parts. I’ve always been a motorcyclist and a car buff. I’ve done a lot of work for Don Garlits making parts for his dragsters. I just recently got into CNC machining for the last five years and do CAD-CAM. I make a lot of one-off billet parts, but I still do a lot of manual machining.”

Eddie runs this business with his wife Peggy who isn’t just a bookkeeper or office worker, but gets her hands dirty too. “I’ve been teaching her a little machining and she does like to polish. She polished a lot of pieces on that bike. She sits there with her Dremel tool and polishes all those nooks and crannies. I didn’t have any plating done on that bike, it’s all polished,” he said.

Being a guy that doesn’t take anything lightly when it comes to machine work, he’s a good guy to take your impossible project to. Frankly, he didn’t seem afraid of doing most anything as long as you know who knows best. That wouldn’t be you. And, that’s why guys like Don Garlits turn to him to solve problems. Yup, that Don Garlits, and a damn fine reference old Don is to throw about.

Got something in your head you want to turn into a two-wheeled reality? If you want the best and won’t settle for less, give Eddie a call at 575-439-1638.


Eddie & Peggy Landers


2009 Custom 

Fabrication: Eddie Landers
Assembly: Eddie & Peggy , Mark Jones
Build time: 14-months
Engines: Patrick Racing/RevTech/Landers Eng.
Cases: RevTech/ Landers Eng.
Rods: Carrillo H-Beam
Pistons: BRC forged blower-spec 7.5:1
Cylinders/Heads: RevTech/Landers Eng.
Cam: Andrews blower cam .600 lift/274 duration
Ignition: Vertex Magneto/ mod-Donzig & Landers 
Carb: Dual 42mm HSR Mikuni
Pipes:  2.25” stainless/Landers Eng. 
Air Cleaner: Billet velocity stacks/Landers Eng. 
Transmission: 5-spd RevTech/BAKER trap door & gears
Primary: BDL Top Fuel/Landers Eng. 

BDL Kevlar Top Fuel

Frame: Harley-Davidson XL
Rake: 43-degrees/6”
Fork: Landers Eng. springer
Front Wheel:

3.3 x 21Arlen Ness 

Rear Wheel: 11 x15 Landers Eng. machined
Front Tire: 90/90x21 Avon
Rear Tire: 150-70-18 Pirelli Sport Demon
Front Brake: 90/90x21 Avon
Rear Brake: 230/60x15 Avon
Fuel Tank: Landers Eng. 
Oil Tank: Landers Eng. 
Fenders:  R.W.D. blank/Landers Eng.
Handlebars: Landers Eng. drag
Headlight: Dual Wave-style
Taillight: Jaybrake
Hand Controls: Arlen Ness Petite

Richard T. McWhirter

Color: Hemi Orange w/gold metallic 
Polishing: Eddie & Peggy Landers
Seat: LePera

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