Eddie Trotta’s Etched to Perfection Evo

Written by  By Peter LaFrance Photos by Jack “Kvetching for Perfection” Cofano Sunday, 01 May 2016 15:19
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Hey I hate to say it, but some of the most famous builders have disappeared. No not kidnapped by aliens or lost in space and time or whatever, just disappeared. On the other hand, some of the legendary builders just keep on cranking out customs because that’s what they do. Smiling Eddie Trotta, owner of Thunder Cycle Design in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of those builders who keeps doing what he loves and loves what he’s doing. You can’t help but know when you see a Trotta bike as he’s synonymous with sexy long bikes that don’t give a damn about time or trends. He’s got a special feel for the lines and flow of his bikes along with a bit of rascallious elegance like his Etched to Perfection feature bike that lets you know Eddie never left the building and he never will.


  What we’ve got here is one of Eddie’s Coke bottle-style designs where it’s pinched at the waist and gets all Kardashian at the back with a big ol’ 300mm back tire. The Eddie Trotta signature rigid frame stretches out sleekly and comfortably with an eye to riding. The clean and striking five-spoke 23” front wheel with a single-disc brake looks right and not like an insulting cartoon of a chopper. The rear wheel mimics the front’s design and a sprocket brake setup ensures you’ll be able to stare into the chrome abyss of the five individual spokes no-problem.

  A New School/now Old School (time flies!) touch is the use of a big-inch (120”) show polished Evo-style engine that provides more power than you could ever use in this bike, but that’s part of the allure. The intake and exhaust are both Eddie Trotta designs and available through Thunder Cycle. The D-2 exhaust has a hint of hot rod along with smooth curves while the Mooneye V-stack has an interesting bit of Captain Picard as a Borg to it. I doubt Eddie channeled Star Trek on that one, but the like the mechanically interesting asymmetry.  

  Where this bike shines, though, is the finish and that’s something Eddie’s never let anybody down on. His paint work has always been an eye catcher without being an eye burner. On this bike he’s done a very conservative for him black paintjob with gold leaf inlays, but he’s always got a trick left with every build. On this one, the custom aluminum gas tank was left raw and artfully etched until the design disappears at a distance, but gets more detailed and intricate the closer you get. Same goes for the matching panels on the rear fender and chin spoiler. Eddie’s not only got his bling totally under control, but working for him when he wants it too. The overall design of this bike is not only pleasing to the eye, but better the closer you get. And then you get even closer and it keeps getting better.

   Getting better should not be a surprise as that’s something Eddie’s only gotten better at year after year. How you can get subtlety and high bling in one bike is best left to the master to ponder and for us to admire. Speaking of admiring, get those admiring eyeballs over to Eddie’s web site http://www.thundercycle.com/ and give them a good workout. 

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 23 May 2013 posted by Ricky Rock

    Eddie you Rock,,, love all you're builds but one of my Al time favorites was the SINISTER you built a few years back what a BEAST,,,,, one day in the future i will for sure be contacting you on this option,,,of having the same Model built for me or buy from you...

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