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Written by  Story by Mark barnett and photos by Jeff Koppleman Wednesday, 08 March 2006 07:00
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No, this isn’t a television sponsored theme bike for the press party of the latest Batman film.  Instead this bike was made to impress the four-year-old son of Jeff Koppleman, a home builder out ofMilwaukee.  Jeff sells turbos for diesels and himself has a super powerful, 600 horsepower Chevy diesel pick up.  He got together and contracted Mike Stafford of MGS Custom Bikes out of Lancaster, California to fabricate this exotic custom.  Mike laid out the basic design on top of the Independent Cycle Low Life frame and had Dave Little paint up the Batman motif paint scheme.  Rowe Machine chipped in with the super custom wheels.


As you look at the bike more and more closely, the special parts list really starts adding up.  The motor is a 145” S & S unit powdercoated yellow and black by Sumax.  I guess he needed the horsepower to keep up with that bad pick up.  To keep the smooth lines of the hand-bent sheet metal flowing, a Goldammer fork was selected and a Eurocomponents headlight.  These two parts keep the triple tree assembly from sticking up too high and messing up the lines of the bodywork.

A host of other top end components rounded out the build, a RSD Baker tranny, RC drive side brake, Alligator Bob seat, and 300mm rear tire.  It also has air ride suspension, front and back.  When the bike was complete and Jeff’s four-year-old completely satisfied, something unexpected happened.  Jeff had built the bike for himself but a friend saw it and told Jeff thatGreen Bayrunning back Ahman Green loved everything Batman.  He told him that Ahman would have to see the bike.  Ahman was a friend and showed up to take a look.  He freaked and bought the bike on the spot, leaving Jeff’s son in tears I guess unless he got his entire room autographed or something.  Jeff on the other hand, was very pleased and has already given Mike a deposit for another MGS custom bike.

Up Close: Goldammer G Force Component Forks

This fork has been gracing the front ends of custom bikes for several years now.  Manufactured in Canadaby Goldammer Cycle Works, it was designed to eliminate the abrupt upward angle of regular triple clamps when viewing a bike from the sides.  Normally, the builder goes to great lengths to get his bike to flow, smoothing out the seat/tank junction and beating a handcrafted tank into gentle curves.  Then the lines are broken when your eyes hit traditional triple trees.  Roger Goldammer created these smooth, dropped trees with organic lines to give builders more options.  While not inexpensive at $5200, the functional parts are all first rate so suspension action feels refined.  He sells these forks dealer direct and retail if you’re in the area.  Check them out at  He’s has lots of photos of his latest award winning bikes on the site as well.

Builder:  Mike Stafford, MGS Custom Bikes

Mike Stafford was a sheet metal fabricator before entering the motorcycle business about ten years ago.  Working out of Lancaster, California his MGS Custom Bikes store specializes in producing exotic sheetmetal for other builders to use in their bikes. His line of gas tanks, fenders and handlebars is called Liquid Steel. He also makes exhaust pipes and builds  a few ground up customs every year.  Recently, he’s been involved with one of the metric TV programs and is currently working on a custom, street going quad and a pro street Triumph Rocket triple, the new inline 2200cc bike.  You can view his bikes and check out his products at or give him a call at 661-951-9878.

Owner: Ahman Green, Green Bay Packers
Fabrication: MGS Custom Bikes, Mike Stafford, Lancaster, CA
Builder: Jeff Koppleman/ Mike Stafford
Build time: 7 months
Frame: Independent Cycle Lowlife
Engine: 145” S&S
Forks:  Goldammer
Wheels: Rowe Machine
Brakes: RC Components
Pulley: RC drive side brake pulley
Suspension: Legend air ride
Transmission: Baker 6-speed RSD

PM Hand

Tire 300 mm
Seat: Alligator Bob
Paint: Dave Little
Powdercoating: Sumax
Handlebars: MGS
Sheetmetal: MGS

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