South Carolina Ultra Custom

Written by  By Tommy Flanagan Photos by Jack “Man, I love my Z” Cofano Thursday, 29 August 2013 18:46
Published in Ultra Customs
   All righty then, they say everything old is new again. That got me thinking about how custom motorcycle trends come and go, but there’re always those people that don’t give a damn about what’s the current flavor of the month. If they like ‘em long, low, and wild with outrageous amounts of time and money invested, so be it. Just like the infamous mullet which has never been declared extinct (or even endangered), it only goes to show people like what they like and if you don’t, that’s your problem. Kevin Thompson of Inman, South Carolina, is one of those guys who loves his bike extreme-to-the-max and this sittin’ on the ground (only because the ground is in the way) Softail is done to the max as far as I’m concerned.


   If I was keeping a check list of what made a custom bike cool and hip just a few short years ago, this bike would have checked all the right boxes. Long-check. Low-check. Radical-check. Not a custom bagger – check. Big-inch show-polished engine-check. LOUD pipes – check. Unbelievable sheetmetal work-check. Billet and then some more billet – check. Super-wide rear tire-check. 360 Brakes – check. Air ride suspension – check. Exotic hide seat – check. Chrome – check. More chrome – check. Intricate wild color paint job – check. Well that should be just about enough slightly-older style points to make this officially Old School to a new generation of riders that are nowhere near even getting their license yet. Hell, maybe they don’t even know they like motorcycles yet.  


Like I said, there will be a time when everything old is new again. You thought you were just checking out a radical custom like they used to build, but you were really looking into the future to see the past which is actually the present or is it? Who knows? Not me, I’m not even sure I know what I’m talking about. All that matters is that Kevin loves his unbelievably wild, long and low custom and doesn’t give a damn what anybody else likes or doesn’t like. It’s really simple, he built what he liked and, frankly, maybe that’s all a guy should do. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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