Steve Studstill’s Hardcore Heaven

Written by  By Jeff Spicoli Photos by Jack “Is it spring yet?” Cofano Thursday, 12 December 2013 04:50
Published in Ultra Customs
  Probably the most common and absolutely overused term in custom motorcycles is Old School. It seems to be everybody’s design/period reference point when they say their bike is pure Old School or has Old School touches or it’s a modern version of Old School or whatever, you get the drift. Since it’s always Old School something or other, I’ve decided that the radical custom you’re looking at here would probably fall into New/Old School when it was originally built, but is now Old/New/Old School. Man, with the speed style changes today, if you want to ride the trend wave with your toes hanging off the front of the board, you better have deep pockets and a calm demeanor.



   Jack Cofano shot this bike belonging to Steve Studstill, service manager at Bikers Dream of Atlanta, at the recent Ultimate Builder Show in Atlanta, but it could have easily been five, six, or even a few more years ago. This bike called Devil features everything just about everybody was craving in custom bikes only a short while ago, but now seems kinda dated. Hold on there, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing by any means, as what you like is what you like and I’m sure there are a lot of dudes still wishing they had a piece of that big-inch engine stuffed in a really long bike sporting a impossibly fat rear tire. Throw in a complex killer Mike Learn paintjob to look down and stare at while you’re cruising Daytona’s Main Street and the deal’s done and done. If there was really an Old/New/Old School thing, this bike would qualify nicely and make a lot of those previously mentioned dudes really happy dudes.


   The Precious Metal Customs’ single downtube frame sets the stage for the 15”-over forks to contribute to the dramatically long ten-foot profile. Stuffing a big-inch engine with a manly magneto sparking up the eventual extreme decibels barking out of the Martin Bros. header-wrapped exhaust is a recipe for 300mm of burning rubber fun. Hey, this isn’t an Iron Butt contender, it’s all about letting your inner hooligan loose in a blaze of tire smoke spewing out through the chain rear “fender.”  There wasn’t anything spared on this build with quality stuff from companies like BAKER Drivetrain, Jaybrake, S&S, and RC Components, to name just a few.


  There’s everything on this bike that people who couldn’t afford it back in the expensive day wished they had, but now can for probably $.30 on a dollar. Oh sure, they’re used bikes but even though there are some miles on these bikes, it can’t be too many. If you’ve always wanted one of these but just weren’t able to pull the trigger back in the day, now’s your chance to re-write your own history on your own dime. It’s Old/New/Old School for a third of the price with zero build time and that’s gotta make for some happy dudes who missed the bus the first time around. 

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