What Goes On Afterhours, Stays Afterhours

Written by  By Buck Manning Photos by Jack “Are we talking adult beverages?” Cofano Friday, 20 September 2013 03:09
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  Okay, okay, before you get all riled up and full of yourself because this absolutely wonderfully insane machine you’re gawking at is no perfect Road King like yours, take a deep breath and look past what you think you see to what it is you’re really seeing. This is not some rusty ass old rat bike made in an afternoon out of your grandpa’s old Model A front axles he had been saving all those years in a shed before he passed without telling you what they were for. Nope, this is a very well thought out ground-up custom that takes what you thought was a rat bike to a whole ‘nother level of what a ground-up custom can be. Todd Anglani, owner of After Hours Bikes in Cooper City, Florida, is the creator and builder of this rusty little gem of a fun bike that would surprise you with its every move.



In case any of this seems rather familiar, that’s because Barnett’s Magazine Online featured another one of Todd’s unique takes on building an ultra custom bike recently and that got a lot of readers kinda hot under the collar. When ever somebody takes a different approach on what’s considered okay or cool, everybody’s got to start pounding on their keyboards why it’s not right or a bike that can’t do what their (Insert Harley model of your choice) can like tour across country or carry a week’s worth of groceries in the saddlebags. No sh*t Dick Tracy! Todd’s just building a bike the way he likes it and if you’re not into it, well, I think you can catch the ESP drift here. Obviously this bike’s not for you and don’t worry, there’s an endless supply of Road Kings.


You’ve just got to appreciate that someone has the imagination to build something so left-field and yet still as usable as any other knock-around show bike. This was not built because Todd can’t do shiny or can only build funky bikes full of patina, natural and otherwise. “We build beautiful pretty bikes as well, but well, you know . . .” said Todd with his voice just trailing off in mild disgust. Yeah, I do know what you’re getting at Todd. Many people just see one thing and that’s all they can see. You’re trying to do a whole other thing with design, fabricated and found objects, and finish and that’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable for some unknown reason. “The thing that gets me is that I’ve been doing ‘em hard for probably four years. This style mixed in with my pretty bikes as well. In ’07 I was trendsetter of the year from V-Twin magazine and yet they won’t put any of these bikes in their magazine,” said Todd. “They say ‘There’s no way people buy them blah, blah , blah, blah, blah. It’s crazy.”


It’s crazy because the bike we just featured is crated up as we speak and being shipped off to its new owner. Never mind that Todd’s already built quite a little army of these bikes and shipped them to all parts of the world too. “I’ve had guys come up to me and say, ‘Oh that’s just a bunch of wrought iron. Hell, I can go buy a welder and do that myself,” said Todd. “I’m like, ‘Get after it man!’”


Many people mistakenly think that the frame on this bike was just some heated-up and bent cast iron I-beam axles he found in some old man’s shed, but they’re far, far from that. They’re three-pieces of steel, not cast iron, cut, bent, and welded together in the shape needed to form the frame members before being welded together in a jig like any other decent tube frame. Todd’s just making his own “tubing” in this case. That same Todd-tubing is also used in making the radical, twin air shock forks so it can do what this other After Hours bike does in this video. That makes for a grand entrance anywhere and if that’s your bag, this bike and that drop will wow ‘em every time. And you know, that’s what this bike is all about ─ wowing them.


You gotta love how Todd does the nutty juxtaposition of new and old, rusty and wicked shiny all in the same package. Even if you didn’t see the rusty patina, you couldn’t miss those retina-searing green wheels. They grab your vision from a block away long before you see the rest of the bike. I love the purposely-patined whitewall cheater slick just looking hunky and ready to take any abuse from the 127” V-twin engine with a new kid on the block look. No, not the lame boy band, but this is a fresh and shiny Big Twin engine capable of making that cheater slick turn into rubber bits a the twist of the throttle.


Take a good long look at Todd’s bike and you’ll notice tidy things like his chain tensioner or fender stay or tank and maybe then you’ll start to get where he’s going. Be sure to check out his Facebook page and spend some time on YouTube staring at bikes that are nothing but silly fun with a twist. The twist is you can actually ride the pee out of them. “We’re getting ready to go on a poker run in the Keys. We’re going to ride from Fort Lauderdale to Key West which is about a three hour ride,” said Todd. “This bike isn’t for everybody, but at the end of the day, there are guys that want ‘em. It sounds cocky, but when they pull into whatever event they’re going to, they want to take all the attention away whether it’s guys hating on it or loving it.”


Not getting the attention you want? Well Dr. Todd’s got the cure for you at http://www.afterhoursbikes.com/. If you need more attention than what an After Hours Bikes’ double-dare to be different custom can do for you, all I can say is that you better be on Miley Cyrus’ speed dial and love public twerking. 

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