Gobsmacked By A Dirty Knuckle

Written by  Story By Geronimo Jones Photos By Jack “Rain, Rain, Go Away” Cofano Friday, 01 September 2017 15:31
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    Bling’s Cycles’ head honcho, Bill Dodge, has got a thing about mixing up a concoction of dirt bikes and V-twin customs that goes back to the first feature bike, Asbury Dirt, we did on him in the print edition of Barnett’s Magazine about oh, ten or twenty years ago (or maybe it just seems that way). Back then, it seemed quite shocking for a big V-twin custom to have knobby tires on it when everything else was just pushing the boundaries of how wide a rear tire could or should go.

    Frankly, knobby tires on a hardtail custom actually made more sense to me than trying to maneuver a no-fun-to-ride 360mm rear tire around a huge parking lot. And even though it did seem a little shocking at the time, big off-road Harleys had been around a long time. Hey, who hasn’t seen one of those old WWII –era film clips of rigid frame Harley-Davidsons being skillfully and seriously ridden off road? Those guys didn’t look like they needed long travel suspension to smoothly get around, but then they didn’t know better either I guess. Anyway, they made it look so easy on those big-for-an-off-road Harley WLAs that off-roading Bling’s Durty Knuckle feature bike would be a breeze for them. 

  Whether or not this bike does see any off-road action is debatable and up to its owner, Joe Fratis who just happens to be the V-twin brand manager at cable and tool maker, Motion Pro (www.motionpro.com). Obviously this is a nice draw to any display Motion Pro does and also a good showcase for their products along with a laundry list of other companies like S&S, BAKER, Ride Wright, Duane Ballard, and Rivera Primo to name just a few. 

    Hopefully this is way more than a static display as this 93” S&S Knucklehead is begging to hit the dirt even if it’s just a long, smooth dirt road. And Joe, if you’re not up to it, I’m offering my services free of charge. Knuckling along sure looks like fun and if it’s too much for the dirt, there’s always the street. I hear those Continental Twinduros are a pretty decent street tire even with all the knobs.

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