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While wandering around Durango during the Labor Day run I spotted a weird V-twin motorcycle that looked sort of familiar. Then a guy walks up to me and starts telling me about the many years he's owned the bike up in Grand Junction, Colorado, and the restoration process it took to make it into a reliable ride.

I'm familiar with the history of the engine. Back before the Evo, the company that owned Supercycle Magazine also owned a parts outfit called Nostalia Cycles out of Huntington Beach, California. I don't remember the guy’s name, but in the pages of the magazine he was hustling plans, parts, and frames for the home builder to construct a V-twin bike built with parts bought at any Chevrolet dealer. He only built a very few actual bikes for pictures and to my knowledge, only one ever ran. He showed up in Sturgis and had this SuperVee parked in front of Gunners Bar. A crowd gathered calling him a rip off, a fraud and some indicated that if the bike didn't run they would do bodily harm to him. Well, after much screwing around the bike coughs to life and he rides off to the jeers of the assembled. That was the last I ever saw of the SuperVee until Durango. A SuperVee is alive and well in Colorado, unreal!

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