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Naked And Blown Road King

Story By Tyler Durden Photos By Jack “I’m Officially Sane” Cofano Monday, 07 August 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
  In case this bike rings any bells, don’t be alarmed as it’s part of a pair of 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Kings customized or maybe I should say, completely reimagined by Chris Eder and his crew at Misfit Industries in Addison, Texas, until they’re both something else altogether. Both bikes were built for GEICO to showcase at this year’s 75th Daytona celebration and the talented handiwork of the Misfit crew couldn’t have been a better pick to draw riders into the insurance company’s booth at Daytona and other assorted venues to come.  

Sassy Smoke Out Shovelhead

Story By Alvoris Vambrosio Photos By Jack “It’s Too Hot!” Cofano Saturday, 05 August 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
Oh you just gotta love a bike like this sensationally striking Shovelhead springer Jack Cofano brought back from the recent Smoke Out 18 in digitized form for all to see and enjoy. Although the event is possibly more well known for its multitudes of rough and tough garage built bikes, that doesn’t mean you won’t see builds that are just this side of over-the-top in fit and finish. Smoke Out attendees love to see anything that looks like it’s been homebuilt whether it’s a primered rat bike or something as highly finished as this Shovel. Anything goes as long as it isn’t a big wheel bagger with a carnival paint job, those are strictly verboten and if they were there, they’d probably be in imminent danger of being deconstructed shall I say.

Retro Comes In Different Shapes

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Am I Retro Or Just Cool?” Cofano Friday, 04 August 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
  Oh it’s Smoke Out time again and the pickings couldn’t be more interesting if I had personally made all the building choices. Hot Rod magazine always pushed their mantra of “Dare to be different!” and that certainly didn’t apply to a 1969 Camaro. That cry led to a plethora of customized vehicles the likes of which had probably never graced a magazine before. People made cool high performance Pinto wagons that looked killer or maybe an over-the-top restomod 1954 Plymouth Belvedere. Nothing was off limits except maybe ’69 Camaros. 

World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle

Story By Alvoris Vambrosio Photos By (solo) Tomasz Pulsakowski (sidecar) Patryk Ogorzalek/Pogo Photos Thursday, 03 August 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 24 ]  | 
   My brain is still reeling a bit after going through the photos and video of what’s claimed to be the world’s first tattooed bike built by Game Over Cycles in Lubaczów, Poland. Oh I’ve seen a few bikes that were airbrushed and hand painted to look like tattoos and they were pretty damn cool on their own, but this bike (now with a sidecar too) was covered in leather and actually tattooed just like if you walked into your local tattoo parlor and got one yourself.

Not A Line Out Of Place Panhead

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Heading To New York” Cofano Tuesday, 01 August 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
      Looking through the bikes old squinty-eye Jack Cofano has loaded up into our editorial galleries for future stories, there seems to be a lot of Old School/’70s-style/retro/or whatever-you want-to-call-them choppers. I just think of them as choppers as choppers are their own special entity and the longbike Panhead chopper built by Christopher Phillips of Doomtown Choppers, could be the perfect template of what a vintage-influenced chopper style can and should be.   

Xotic Customs Radical Red Road King

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “The Kids Are Alright” Cofano Friday, 28 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
Sometimes things are not what they seem and in the case of the 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King you’re looking at you’d be easily excused if you thought this was a fresh as a daisy custom bagger build. It’s crisp and clean and looks as up to date for a radical build as anything done within the last month. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, this custom Road King first hit the road a good four years ago, yet looks yesterday fresh. 

Thatsa One Spicy Meatball

Story By Enrico Fermi Photos By Jack “I Love Meatballs” Cofano Thursday, 27 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
Not every bike we feature has to be over the top or slightly beyond. Custom bikes that get you jonesing to start ‘em up and ride the hell out of ‘em after a quick look are what a lot of riders are looking for even if they don’t know it. There are bikes you can’t help but stare at and admire the workmanship and imagination that went into them. Then there are those others that just hit all the right buttons and make you want to ride them. This nicely customized late model Harley-Davidson Softail is one of the latter. 

Jeff Braun 2003 Retro Heritage Classic

Story by Buck Manning, Photos by Jeff Braun Wednesday, 26 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 53 ]  | 
Carroll Shelby will go down in history as the father of the legendary beautifully-brutal Cobra roadsters, stunning Daytona coupes, and Corvette-road-race-beating early Shelby GT350s, not a bad thing to be remembered and admired for. What I remember and admire him for the most was how he pulled the wool over the eyes of every car magazine back in 1962 when he introduced the original 260” Ford V-8 powered Cobra. After originally seeing a small picture of the prototype, CSX 2000, in a raw aluminum body in Motor Trend, I couldn’t wait to see a production roadster in a color.

Smokin’ Smoke Out Shovel

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “Uomo Di Molte Virtù” Cofano Tuesday, 25 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
Every year I can’t wait for The Horse Backstreet Choppers Smoke Out Rally even though I’ve never been to it. But, our intrepid photographer, Jack Cofano, always does and brings back wonderful photos of bikes built by owners who don’t give a damn about any newfangled trend. They build the bikes the way they see them in their head with imagination, old parts and usually extremely good taste. Possibly the best part is that there’s not a big-wheeled peacock bagger within a hundred miles of the Smoke Out camp. The bikes are just cool, often Old School, and have the ability to never get lost in a crowd. Plus they’re all riders of one sort or another. You can’t ask for more than that. 

Is This A Harley?

Story By Monk Pacheco Photos By Jack “Like Schultz, I Know Nothing” Cofano Sunday, 23 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 14 ]  | 
  That questionable title question may seem silly or even a bit stupid to you as it looks like a Harley, so it must be a Harley, right? But is it a Harley? What was it before it got a makeover of makeovers? Is it a customized Road Glide? Oh that’s a lot of questions and the best part is that I don’t really even have the answers, but I do have questions. And, like you, probably only guesses. Educated (so to speak) guesses, but guesses nonetheless.

Austin Martin Originals Hot Rod Bonneville Bobber

Austin Martin Originals Hot Rod Bonneville Bobber Thursday, 20 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
The older you get the more you realize your mind is not your friend. It’s like having a bully living inside your head whose only purpose is to screw with everything you know (or think you know). For me personally, on a motorcycle level (which is actually where I spend all my time) it’s not a matter of forgetting but a subtle rearranging of the facts until I start to wonder what is really true. Take this bike, for example, I see it and immediately think Old School without trying or wanting to. It just is. But, out of all the Triumph choppers and bobbers I saw back in the day, not one ever, ever, looked this good or probably worked as good too. 
All year I take photos of custom motorcycles and love every minute of it, but I also like to hit some of the custom car shows when I can. A vast majority of the custom motorcycle builders featured in the numerous bike shows throughout the country also build custom cars. As a matter of fact, many started out in the auto industry.
All year I take photos of custom motorcycles and love every minute of it, but I also like to hit some of the custom car shows when I can. A vast majority of the custom motorcycle builders featured in the numerous bike shows throughout the country also build custom cars. As a matter of fact, many started out in the auto industry.

One Wild And Crazy Ride

Story By Russ T. Jones Photos By Jack “One Wild And Crazy Guy” Cofano Sunday, 16 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
  Ah, the bikes of Smoke Out. They’re their own indefinable category yet they have a common ground of imagination and outrageousness tempered with actually being riders. Often the rider is also the builder and it’s not a profession, but an obsession carried out late at night in garages all over America. They’re not catalog builds, but customs made from pieces and parts scrounged up at the best price and re-purposed into a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that follows no unwritten rules or trends. That’s what makes them so cool as you don’t know what to expect and if you think you do, you’ll be disappointed. 

Workin’ For The Weekend Softail

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “Every Day’s A Weekend” Cofano Friday, 14 July 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
  One thing I love doing is perusing Barnett Magazine Online’s photo gallery filled with shutterbug Jack Cofano’s photo galleries. It’s fun to cruise through and see bike after gorgeous bike of all different styles and that makes it a bit daunting to choose one for an article. I always end up picking something that fits my mood at the moment more than anything. Sometimes it’s just on sheer looks alone like a paintjob that’s so striking I can’t stop looking at it while lots of bikes get to me because they look like fun to ride. Today my pick is really influenced by a week of rainy weather that makes me giddy to get on a bike and do some riding. Actually just some cruising around and hopefully enjoy the supposedly sunny and warm weather ahead.