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  What you’re staring at is an almost incomprehensible custom that is a triumph of imagination, skill, hard work and sheer style. Far from being a simple mash up of bits and pieces, it’s a true ground-up build with lots of engineering daring along the way. The more you understand what it is and how it got to where it is today, the more appreciation you’ll have to the guy behind the build. There’s not a single short cut taken beginning with some steel tubing and ending with a finished look that’ll turn every single head that ever sees it.

The Garage At Ray Price Builds One Man’s Perfect FXR

Story By Geronimo Jones Photos By Jack “Ray Was The Man” Cofano Tuesday, 23 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
     You look at this lovely FXR and you’ve gotta think, there’s a guy that knew exactly what he wanted and didn’t take any shortcuts to get there. It had to be completely usable as an everyday rider or vying for awards at big custom shows. Even though it’s undeniably a Harley-Davidson FXR there’s basically nothing that wasn’t modded, replaced or changed in some little, but significant way. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea exactly, but it sure is Mark Hendrix’s and that’s all that matters.

New-Meets-Old Danish Knucklehead

By Buck Manning Photos by David “Captain Slick Tiger” Hayes Sunday, 21 May 2017 Comments [ 1 ] Gallery [ 31 ]  | 
In my highly-slanted personal opinion, European builders have always had a real respect, maybe even a bit of awe, for the history and traditions of Harley-Davidsons throughout the years. During the custom building hey-day of yesterday when American builders sometimes got lost making nutty-loo customs that had little or nothing to do with actually riding the finished product, European builders seemed to keep the focus of building a custom motorcycle that still could turn a wheel in anger and be fun doing it. Maybe they were just hip to the fact of what made a motorcycle a motorcycle and that little tidbit to me is actually using it as fun transportation whenever you feel like it. You know, turn the key and go endanger yourself and society with a big smile on your face for no reason other than the thrill of riding a motorcycle. Engineering and practicality took precedence of gee-haws and doo-dads with a dose of heritage thrown in to keep it real.

Cobra Lust Road Glide Custom

Story By Peter LaFrance Photos By Jack “Lust Is My Middle Name” Cofano Friday, 19 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 7 ]  | 
Man-O-Man, it’s hard to believe it’s been 55 years since the first Shelby Cobra was introduced the American public and a legend was born that still brings out the automotive lust deep inside us. Carroll Shelby’s Anglo-American hybrid had performance, looks, and an attitude that still grabs attention today even in replica kit form. Talk about bad ass, a Cobra was the very definition of bad ass and still is today. They’ve become an American icon as much as Harley-Davidson has with the same type of loyal fans who can only dream of owning a million-dollar Cobra, but can definitely afford a Harley. Mix up those twin lusts in a shaker glass and what’ll pour out is the Cobra-inspired custom Road Glide that’ll still knock your socks off like a Cobra did although maybe not quite as much. I can think of a million reasons why, but you get the point.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Tribute Shovelhead

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “I Know James Hetfield Of Metallica” Cofano Thursday, 18 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   Up to now I’ve seen quite a few tribute bikes, some good and some not so good simply because they were trying too hard. But I will say this is the first one that also has a tribute trailer as part of the deal. You don’t see very many bikes with trailers on the road and you rarely if ever see one at a motorcycle show unless it’s parked outside. Show-quality custom trailers does not fall easily from the mouth or mind, but that’s exactly what we have here on the James Hetfield tribute bike and trailer you’re gawking at.

Motor Company Prototype V-Rod Trike

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “My Shades Are Never Off” Cofano Tuesday, 16 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
  Nope. Sorry about that one, but all I can think of when I look at this three-wheeled V-Rod is why not? It’s a perfect platform for a trike in so many ways from the power and weight to the inconceivable for a Harley liquid cooling. Never mind having a low center of gravity too. It sure seems to have a lot going for it in this re-do that seems to have a found a perfect purpose that it previously lacked at least on the sales floor of your Harley dealership.

Boardwalk Shovelhead

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “I Find ‘em, I Shoot ‘em” Cofano Friday, 12 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
   Another lovely day at the Boardwalk Show in Daytona Beach and another cool piece of Old School Harley history sitting right there in all its Shovelhead glory. There’s a good bit of sparkling going on when the sun hits the paint so it’s not an easy bike to just pass by. In a show with extreme customs, this FLH holds its own and then some. You can see where the builder/owner was going with this and it’s a pretty unusual take on something now at least 37-years old and looking better than ever. As we’ve said before, the Boardwalk Show does not allow any type of info on bike or builder and the builder/owner is never around to make contact so everything’s a guess but it’s all good because it doesn’t change a thing about this stunning Shovelhead.

Son Of The Beach Fat Boy

Story By Hermione Gingold Photos By Jack “This Space For Rent” Cofano Thursday, 11 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
Finding a Fat Boy showing off at the beach can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking at. The human version of this especially flaunting his large visage in a Speedo just might be a little daunting for some. But, finding a customized Harley-Davidson Fat Boy showing its stuff on a beach board walk is something I wouldn’t mind checking out. Especially one as far out as this 2001 Fat Boy that I’m sure has a few stories to tell. It’s hard to realize that the Fat Boy model has been around for 27-years now since Willie G.’s first foray into fatdom and it still looks pretty good today.

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Story By Emile Berube Photos By Jack “Hey, I Just Shot It” Cofano Wednesday, 10 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
   So, got any ideas what this build is all about? Well I sure don’t and I’m not afraid to admit it over the World Wide Web either. I’ve been staring at this thing, blowing up the photos to try and figure it out and I still don’t have an idea where this builder was going with this. I guess it still would be classified as a trike by the motorcycling world’s extremely undefined standards, but it’s not any type of trike that you’d normally think of if somebody said, “Did you see that trike?”

All Star Baggers’ Miss Right Now Road Glide

Story By Fidel Sassoon Photos By Jack “Fine By Me” Cofano Tuesday, 09 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 8 ]  | 
   Don’t start yelling at me that this isn’t a Road Glide. It is. Although you’d never know it by taking a casual look at Jack Cofano’s always lovely photos and that’s kinda the beauty of the Harley Touring platform. It’s pretty much all the same except for the differences needed to mount this or mount that. Matter of fact, the most recent incarnation of this All Star Baggers build seemed to have found its Road Glide mojo again and the frame mounted fairing has found its old perch once more. It looks like a cool Road Glide custom bagger now with room for more gizmos and doo-dads custom bagger freaks live for. Personally, I like this version better, but then I’m not a big fan of fairings, frame or fork mounted. So, let’s just go with this one as the coolest version.

Penny's FXR

Story and photos courtesy of Penny Osiecki Sunday, 07 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 30 ]  | 
When I started this project, this bike was a bone-stock, canary yellow’94 FXLR that turned into a two-year metamorphosis. Never having the opportunity to customize a bike to this extreme, I kind of started ass backwards and ordered the seat first (no pun intended). The seat maker is Psycho Seats. The crimson Lucky Penny and diamonds are Stingray inlay. Jimmy from Psycho Seats ( went above and beyond creating this beautiful piece of art.

MOONEYES Sportster From Sweden

Story And Photos By Peter Ström Saturday, 06 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 45 ]  | 
   My name is Peter Ström and I am 54-years-old from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a few bike-builds behind me – I built my wife’s FXR trike, a Sportster chopper to myself and a Sportster bobber with a lot of engraving on for my daughter. Every one of them has been well appreciated and featured in a number of custom motorcycle magazines around the world.  

AfterHours Bikes Softail Rusticle

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “Suffering From Beautiful Weather” Cofano Thursday, 04 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 6 ]  | 
As you know, a lot of bikes we feature on Barnett’s Magazine Online are what we refer to as “mystery bikes” as there’s no info on who built them or they’re just cool bikes Jack Cofano’s shot parked on the street. What you’re long at right now is one of them, but it only took me about three-seconds to figure out who had to have built this Harley-Davidson rusticle. It was all in the forks, man, like an artist signing a painting. When you’ve seen this setup before, it’s not something you forget easily.

Stock Is The New Custom

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Not In My Book” Cofano Wednesday, 03 May 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 4 ]  | 
You know it’s funny how perception changes with time. When I was a real young kid I thought all Harleys were black except for the over-the-top, fully-lit-up dressers I’d see rolling through town at night on the way to Cape Cod for the weekend. But then I don’t remember seeing too many of them in the ‘50s that weren’t old Boston Police bikes (probably all Flatties) sold at auction, bobbed just a bit and painted flat black or maybe they were just bad gloss black paint jobs. Somehow I associated stock with those Christmas tree dressers and stock would never do for me. They just weren’t tough enough for a young kid.

Prism Supply’s Born Free Knucklehead

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Everyday Is The Weekend” Cofano Friday, 28 April 2017 Comments [ 0 ] Gallery [ 5 ]  | 
   Best to clear the air with a minor bit of disclosure relating to how I’m a completely biased fan of everything and anything to come out of Prism Supply in Stanley, North Carolina. There, I’ve said it so if you don’t want to hear a lot of embarrassing gushing on my part, just click over to Jack Cofano’s photo gallery and enjoy yourself in peace and quiet. If not, hang in there and I’ll try to show why I’m such a fan of the two brothers, Zack and Jake Hindes, who are a couple of extremely talented young builders with the design aesthetic of a couple of Old School builders back in the day.