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One Very Sporty Sportster

Story By Juan Tanamera Photos By Jack “A Bit Of A Sport Myself” Cofano
2018-06-21 09:29:37 Published in Feature Bikes

For those with a penchant for the fast and sleek side of Harley-Davidsons, it’s often a lonely road. It’s where you’re caught between the cruisers and the crazies and neither side of the spectrum has the slightest interest in you or your choice of ride. If you’re into the café, street tracker or fast street riding, you’re pretty much an outlier looking in. Our own Mark Barnett, General Manager of Barnett Harley-Davidson is afflicted with this outlier disease much like the owner of this bike, Mark Hendrix. Funny about this Mark this is that he is the General Manager of Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson in Raleigh, North Carolina, and he’s got a need for speed too. If you don’t get the need for speed, well, maybe that’s a good thing.


Beach Customs Inland Cruiser

Story By Tyler Durden Photos By Jack “Not Warm Yet” Cofano
2018-06-18 11:18:54 Published in Feature Bikes

For a lot of you, this could be your perfect custom bike. The one you dream about and build in your head over and over constantly making minute changes along the way as trends and styles can influence your “build.”  Well at least that’s my initial take on this very attractive bad boy all dressed-up in modern retro-style clothes. It’s comparable to a new Dodge Hellcat in looking retro, but looking right.


Ironhead Old School Chop

Story by Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Radio Silence” Cofano
2018-06-13 16:30:54 Published in Feature Bikes

So, you’re a diehard Old School freak, huh? I’m a traditionalist too and I can’t get enough of well done Old School builds whether they were from back in the day or just done yesterday. Like a well-worn set of Levis (or whatever), it’s a style that never ever goes out of style. Old School builds entice me in to look in every nook and cranny to see how things were done. When I run into a cool cat of a custom like this Harley-Davidson Sportster Ironhead chopper, I inspect more than look. Not critically either, I just want to understand and get a feel for the build.


Unnaturally Aspirated Softail

Story By Johnny Pants Photos By Jack “Turbo Lad” Cofano
2018-06-12 13:21:31 Published in Feature Bikes

Lately there’s been a return to wholesome natural foods and it probably is a good thing although we’ve got to wait a generation or two to see if it’s actually true. I won’t be part of this social experiment as I like my food unnatural and my bikes the same way. All it took was one ride on a turbo’d Harley and I was sold on the wholesome goodness of excessive horsepower courtesy of unnatural aspiration. That was the healthiest Harley-Davidson I had ever ridden so I rest my case of regular old nature versus forced induction. Yeah, it may not be good, so the experts say, to stuff yourself, but stuffing your Twin Cam engine with turbo is excellent and good for you too.


2018 Daytona Bike Week ─ The Bikes Part Three

Story And Photos By Jack Cofano
2018-06-11 08:49:11 Published in 2018 EVENTS

No matter how many bike shows I cover, it never ceases to amaze me the variety of custom motorcycles I see. Every time I think I’ve seen it all someone builds a totally outrageous machine that defies the imagination. This year was no exception.