There’s not a more exciting custom bike to me than one that’s been stripped to the bones exposing the true motorcycle underneath all the “new and improved” factory furbelows the marketing types think we all wanted. Give me a cool motor, two wheels, and just enough to make it all work in the real world and I’m a happy camper. The more a motorcycle looks like a quick line drawing, the more attractive it is to me anyway. That doesn’t mean it’s just a stripped down stock POS, but more of an extremely highly-finished simple design where every single line has to be accounted for as necessary. There’s nothing just for the sake of it, just beautiful lines that do exactly what they have to in a harmonious design that has no obvious starting or ending point. Just one piece of motorcycle nirvana that celebrates our inner design tastes.
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    I say both and that’s why I’m loving this bike so much. My first thought when I saw Jack Cofano’s lovely pics of it was, “That’s a chopper!” and that’s not something I take lightly in these days of bagger after bagger after bagger. Hey, I got nothing against baggers, but I really miss the Old School approach of chopper guys thinking “What if …” and then make something entirely unexpected like this hot rod of a chopper from Gilby’s Street Dept. in River Falls, Wisconsin.  If you can get nutty cool and nutty crazy in one bike that’s about as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned and totally worthy of being called a chopper.
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   Here we go again with another Smoke Out bike we have no idea who the owner or builder is other than “Wire Custom Cycle” which is machined on the side of the oil tank. Unfortunately Googling “Wire . . .” produced absolutely nothing so maybe we can assume this is a garage-built special. No matter, though, as what a cool garage-built special it is.
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   People are often too quick in their rush to judgment mode when it comes to deciding whether seeing one bike from a builder means that all they’re about. Case in point, a recent Barnett’s article of the day focused on a late model Triumph bobber built on the affordable and rideable angle by TBC Hot Rods & Bikes in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
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