Black is back and it’s bigger than ever. Whether it’s cars, trucks or motorcycles, anything coated in black from head to toe is about as cool as a trend gets. Actually, black’s always been cool and a go-to choice of custom bikes from the very beginning of the original bobber era post-WWII, but it’s usually been a traditional combo of black and chrome. Recently, though, the murdered-out look has taken hold and it’s getting more popular than ever. Just take the wildly popular success of Harley-Davidson’s Dark Series bikes if you have any doubts about black coming back with a vengeance. It’s an interesting formula of changing a bike’s appeal by blacking everything out and all of a sudden, it’s got an aggressive attitude without doing a thing mechanically. The power of black knows no limits.
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Just because a custom motorcycle looks finished doesn’t mean it is if the story behind this Jack Daniels-inspired build is true. Originally built around 2008 as a company bike to showcase the Jack Daniels brand, it spent its first year or so being displayed in Las Vegas before hitting the show circuit. Somewhere along the way, a guy who shall remain anonymous ran into it and knew he had to have it. After lengthy negotiations, it was his and he couldn’t have been happier to own such a good looking ride except for one little thing, it was a non-runner. And, no, it wasn’t just a flat battery or a good tune away from being a driver according to the owner; it needed a lot of work.
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    If Cadillac offered the Escalade in Harley’s famous tri-tone orange, black and silver, it would be the perfect four-wheeled match to this lovely 2009 Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide custom trike. They’re both flashy, purposeful, powerful, and big-sized machines that’ll be sure to make you noticed even when you’re not looking for attention. Just like almost every Escalade and Harley you see, owners can’t leave it alone. Customizing a factory custom especially converting it into a trike while you’re at it sure shows that trike freaks are a dedicated bunch and the owners of this trike, Gary and Nancy Johnson of Mooresville, North Carolina, definitely qualify as trike freaks. I don’t know if it was that last big trip they took together on a Harley two-wheeler covering over 6,000 miles through 17 states in only 19 days in all kinds of weather that brought about the need for a trike, but it’s a damn good excuse. Actually, anything’s a good excuse to customize a Harley.
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  See that paintjob? That’s no ordinary paint, but paint that’s wired to electrically light up with the flick of a switch. Turn it on, turn it off and you have two different paintjobs for all intents and purposes. No more of that lame under-tank LED stuff, this paint is wired to shock you with a real electrical glow worthy of a trip down the Vegas strip. Like the Starship Enterprise, Lumilor Electroluminescent Coating System’s paint goes where no paint has gone before. I’m still in a bit of a shock trying to get a grip on this unreal development so read on and see for yourself.
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  I don’t know a lot about the owner of this balls-to-the-wall pro streeter, but after seeing his ride of choice I know all I need to know. If you’re in the Richmond, Virginia, area and come across this snarling Kendall Johnson-engined 222hp (!) beast out on the prowl, don’t take the bait. You’d lose. Sitting aboard that bike would be owner Richard Perkins and like I said, I know all I need to know about him. Obviously the man likes power and lots of it, but he can probably never get anyone to take a challenge after one look at this extreme pro street taken to the extreme side of extreme pro street.
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   Say you’re a guy who is known for building some of the sleekest pro street-style bikes ever and all of a sudden the custom motorcycle world switches to baggers, what do you do? If you’re Kenny Williams, the KW in KW Customs of Benson, North Carolina, you just keep doing what you do, but this time with bags.
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   Yes, it’s Black Friday on Barnett’s Magazine Online, but not that Black Friday. Ours comes courtesy of Dee Black, fiancé and business partner to Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles in Daytona Beach, Florida. Dee knew what she wanted in a bike and obviously Bill was the perfect person to make that a reality. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh boy, it’s another Bling’s Cycles fanboy feature” and you’d be correct.
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  Probably the most common and absolutely overused term in custom motorcycles is Old School. It seems to be everybody’s design/period reference point when they say their bike is pure Old School or has Old School touches or it’s a modern version of Old School or whatever, you get the drift. Since it’s always Old School something or other, I’ve decided that the radical custom you’re looking at here would probably fall into New/Old School when it was originally built, but is now Old/New/Old School. Man, with the speed style changes today, if you want to ride the trend wave with your toes hanging off the front of the board, you better have deep pockets and a calm demeanor.
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      I’m still trying to figure out if this is an article about a tribute bike built to honor the men and women of the Air Force or a story about a fallen from grace hero who’s trying to do the right thing? Maybe it’s both and neither at the same time. Maybe that’s the way it should be. Damned if I know and that’s not a big surprise to me anyway. Cutting to the chase, this is a bike built by Billy Lane behind the walls of the Avon Park Correctional facility to honor one of the five branches of US military for the 25th Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom event held in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day weekend. That’s the premise behind this build anyway.
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