My name is Peter Ström and I am 54-years-old from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a few bike-builds behind me – I built my wife’s FXR trike, a Sportster chopper to myself and a Sportster bobber with a lot of engraving on for my daughter. Every one of them has been well appreciated and featured in a number of custom motorcycle magazines around the world.  
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Somehow it seems only fair that the first bike Barnett’s Magazine Online profiles from Jack Cofano’s photo galleries from recent Smoke Out, known for its brand diversity, should be a non-Harley (although there will be plenty of those to come). Yeah, it’s not only a Triumph, but a modern day version instead of the usually expected classic vertical twin from Old Blighty. Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned anyway as Smoke Out produces some of the most unusual and interesting bikes in a world of ‘same old’ customs.
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   Lord knows you gotta be careful attempting anything with the Old School look in mind as your starting point and hopefully, your ending point. There are just so many liberties you can take without breaking so many unwritten, but well-known rules of Old School that you end up with something that resembles a jumble ‘o ideas bitsa bike. You know, from the front it looks like . . . , but from the back it looks like . . . In actuality it looks like nothing in particular, like a bad meal.
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