Wendell Turner is one of those guys who’s quietly, but seriously been banging away at custom bikes for almost four decades. The owner of Turner’s Cycle Shop in South Lyons, Michigan, Wendell’s a busy guy turning out one stunner of a bike after another that he refers to as ‘Nostalgic Motorcycles.’ Yeah, they may be nostalgic, but they’re bikes that have their own personality even if they’re rooted in the ‘70s, but there isn’t one among any I’ve seen he’s built that aren’t riders in the truest sense. You know, maybe that’s the key to why he refers to them as motorcycles and not customs. He’s still stuck in the ‘70s mindset where you might customize your ride, but you definitely rode it. And, rode it every chance you got.
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   Seems like only yesterday Barnett’s Magazine Online ran an article about one of the many killer bikes built by Ron Harris of Chop Doc’s Choppers in Waterford, Michigan, but it turns out it was a week ago so time for another one. Hey, when a guy like Ron can turn out bikes that you can’t help but check out even if they’re not your particular style, then there’s no good reason not to feature more.
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  Old School, Old School, Old School. I hear it all the time from people describing their custom bikes. “It’s got an Old School look.” It’s got an Old School feel.” It’s got Old School paint.” “It’s got Old School touches.” Whatever. If I let my imagination really go wild, I can see what they’re trying to intimate to me, but often what they’re talking about is a personalized late model Harley-Davidson like a Road King with a fishtail exhaust and some pinstriping or a Sportster with very tall ape hangers and short header wrap open headers. Not exactly what I think of when I think Old School, but what do I know anyway?
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   For a while there we were getting deluged with custom board trackers from every builder imaginable until the big, big wheel bagger thing steamrolled over anything that got in its way. As far as custom board trackers being the hip trip, well, they just kinda fell to the wayside as baggers are probably a much easier sell. And, that’s okay with me if what we’ve ended up with is this lovely white beauty of a board tracker that’s straight out of Chop Doc’s Choppers’ Ron Harris’ imagination and talented skill set. It’s just so pretty, how could anyone not appreciate what’s gone into this build and what it took to get to this point you see here.
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   Somebody was having fun, a whole lotta fun, building up this dreamy trippin’ Triumph chopper that could induce time dementia even after a thorough bike examination and a complete lowdown of the time frame of the build. The only hard clue you’d probably find on this bike to correctly dating it would be to check the DOT coding on the tires and even then who knows? Somebody’s always got a NOS tire lying around just waiting for a mystical magical moment like this. But, to cut things short, this is a recent (believe it or not) build by the irascible Gary Maurer of Kustoms Inc in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with some help from his buddies Ron Harris of Chop Doc’s Choppers and the ever wonderful man for all reasons and seasons, Mr. Ron Finch of Finch’s Custom Cycles. 
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