Can you guess what year this radical custom bagger is just by looking? If you can, you are a much better guesser than me although that’s probably a pretty easy thing to do. When I first saw this striking bright blue bike I just figured it was another new or close to new conversion of one of Harley’s touring models. I guess I’m getting so used to brand new or one- or two-year-old models getting a massive makeover with no regards for the bottom line that I just assumed it was one more completely fancy lad build. I was wrong.
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The highpoint of my coverage of the Las Vegas BikeFest has always been the Artistry in Iron bike show. This is an invitation-only show that brings master builders from all over the world to compete against their peers.
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    Sooner or later every builder falls for a board tracker. There’s just something about the old racers that seems to get under a builder’s skin creating an itch that can only be scratched by building their version of America’s craziest-ever race series. They lived a short life from 1910 to 1930, but it was about as whacky a life as any racer could. Tearing around radically-banked (up to 60-degrees!) tracks called motordromes made out of millions and millions (it seems that way) of 2x4s, 4x4s or 1x12s on motorcycles that could hit over 100mph back in the teens and without a brake in sight was a spectator spectacle if there ever was one. Unfortunately the carnage caused them to disappear as fast as they popped up, but the board track motorcycles lived on due to their being just so damn good looking.
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