There are certainly a lot of mysteries in life and most of them will go unanswered. Sometimes, though, it’s possible to give an answer to the unanswerable like the question on most peoples’ minds and that is, “What kind of bike would the late and great king of rock ‘n’ roll, the one, the only, Mr. Elvis Presley ride today?” I know the answer and I’m completely sure of it after a couple of trips through Graceland and working a party in Elvis’ Palm Springs home where I got to sneak through the house. Yes sir, Elvis-the-pelvis would have a fleet of big wheel baggers at his disposal if he was still capable of taking care of business. They’re, big, flashy and a rolling show-boat just like the man himself.
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   Somewhere in Matthews, North Carolina, is a garage that’s not your typical repository of lawn mowers, garden tools, and other household crap, but one that turns out stunning custom motorcycles. And not just your typical custom motorcycles, but fantasy phantom Harley-Davidson bikes like our never-made-but-who-cares XR Panhead feature bike. Yeah, Harley did make production flat track race bikes back when Elvis released his first hit single, but those were KR models based on the 45-inch Flathead, not a Panhead.
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   Danny “The Count” Koker didn’t need a TV show like his current History Channel show, Counting Cars, to make a name for himself. He already had as Count Cool Rider, horror movie host of Las Vegas’ KVCW’s Saturday Fright At The Movies, and a running legacy of building crazy cool custom bikes and cars. Count Cool Rider morphed into The Count and the rest is history.  
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     Once again this humble personage was invited to photograph this most exclusive Quail Gathering on the Friday before the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Maserati  was a honored car during the 100th year of the marque.I'm honored, of course. Invitations are issued by lottery drawing for the opportunity to purchase a ticket months in advance of the August event. Only a few thousand people are in attendance to enjoy one of the high lights of week.
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