Answer to the above question: Nothing. This striking chop Barnett’s numero uno photo guy and man-on-the-town, Jack Cofano, captured with his Nikon at the recent Smoke Out 18 is a looker and a goer and an all-round fun to ride and be seen on bike. Someone and I do mean someone, as we don’t know who built it, came up with their own take of what a custom bike means to them and they at least pulled all the right heartstrings of what I think is not only wicked cool, but just right. Good enough for a show as long as you could ride it there. This is a damn good looking street bike with the heart of a dragster.
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  Everybody’s got a favorite style of custom motorcycle and the old tried and true bobbers of today are possibly my favorite style of custom to actually get on and go. Oh I love looking at anything custom even if I don’t enjoy hoping on board and actually riding it as a motorcycle without excuse after excuse being necessary. The basic layout of what’s construed as a modern bobber is my favorite simply because they are always fun to ride if they haven’t been taken to some show-shocking extreme.
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