Just to set the record straight, trikes aren’t just for old guy riders. I gotta confess I still have a trike I built back in the early ‘70s and I still occasionally sneak it out for a ride at night as it’s ─ never mind ─ I’m not confessing to anything online. It’s pretty-clapped out, but it always starts with just a bit of coaxing and it’s fun as hell to ride. There, I said it and I’ll say it again, it’s fun as hell to ride. No, it’s not a Harley as the Servi-Cars that were around then were not very powerful for a young hip guy like I thought I was. I needed something with style and power although you gotta understand I thought Ed Roth could do no wrong and leaned toward his trike style or so I thought.
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   You meet some amazing people in the motorcycle world and then you meet Juli Moody and all bets are off. Ms. Moody is a rare combination of sheer physical force and unabashed sweetness all wrapped up in one package that you just have to love and respect after seeing her perform or talking with her. Her dedication and discipline to meeting her self-inspired goals of making world records where none have gone before is inspiring. Yet she’s quietly humble and far from over the top even though what she’s accomplished establishing world records for stunts only a handful of men or women might dare think about.
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   Sooner or later, any true bike enthusiast wants more out of the motorcycle experience besides riding and having other people work on their bike. And, to any of those who’ve taken the next step, that involves getting your hands dirty whether it’s just changing your own oil or rebuilding a set of forks or even building a custom bike. It helps a wee bit when you’re married to a guy who’s owned a successful independent motorcycle shop, but that can be the perfect reason not to touch anything but the gas cap and starter button.
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   Everybody wants their bike to standout in a crowd. These days you have a lot of choices as to what style or type of bike to begin with and where you go from there depends on your imagination, talent, and wallet. Maybe you’ve only got one bike and downtime is not just something you can put up with as downtime actually means no riding. Let’s face it, for most mortals, a ground-up build just ain’t gonna happen while modifying a bagger to current big wheel standards requires the bags to be filled to the brim with moolah and then refilled again later to finish it.
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