Even though we haven’t featured a bike from one of the most prolific builders out there in a while, it’s not like we haven’t mentioned them over and over again because we have. Hey wait a minute, how can that be you say?
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We’ve all had “the perfect custom bike” stuck in our head that we would’ve liked to build or wished we at least owned, but never got to. That doesn’t mean we’ve given up yet, but we’re only waiting for that right time and/or financial windfall to pop up. Yes sir, we’ve got the best taste and ideas and unfortunately are only lacking the skill and money to show the world what perfection really is. Usually it’s vintage-based around a Flathead, a Knucklehead, a Panhead, a Shovelhead, or even one of the combos you can make out of these lovely engines, but everyone’s got their perfect mill running around in their head. A few of us are lucky as hell to actually take that mental image sometimes called “brain pictures” and turn it into a living and breathing (I think so anyway) mental motorcycle.  Ray Lianes of Cutler Bay, Florida, is one of those guys with this retro 1959 Harley-Davidson Panhead chop that looks like it might be straight from the late ‘60s or early ‘70s.
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