Jeremy Valentine is one talented guy. Really talented. All you have to do is take a look at his version of a modern day board tracker that’s made to hit the streets as well as the show circuit and you can see he’s got it going on from tip to toe. Clean is the operative word here with nothing that catches my eye that shouldn’t.
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     If you’re into custom bikes or custom lifestyles, you probably already know about Led Sled Customs out of Dayton, Ohio. But, if you’re into Sportsters and I mean really into Sportsters, you definitely know about Led Sled. They probably are the motorcycle equivalent of Sportsters ‘R Us if there ever was one and that’s a good thing. Sportsters, like any Harley, can be as screaming cool or as sh*tty sh*tass as you can make them. It’s all up to you ─ your imagination, your talent, your budget, your dream. And that could include the nice fellows at Led Sled Customs, liked owner Patrick “Pat” Patterson who just might cater to your every whim as long as it doesn’t disgust them. Hey, just because Led Sled loves Sportys doesn’t mean they have to love every single one.
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