Some bikes just got it and some bikes don’t. Since the first gasoline-fueled engine lit up and ran, there’s always been an ongoing debate over whether or not a machine could have a soul or not. It’s all too easy to jump behind one argument or the other and a good high school debater could probably make us question whatever we think. It’s so easy to scientifically ration away how a machine constructed from various metal parts could take on a personality or have a soul, so-to-speak, but that’s missing the whole point. I would venture a totally unscientific guess that could easily be disputed as I have no facts to back it up, but I think most of us believe our bikes are a soulful source of satisfaction with a life of their own.
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Some people just have perseverance in spades. As a good example of what I’m talking about, all I’d have to do is point out the custom motorcycle builders of Ohio who never gave up during extremely harsh economic times in the Rust Belt they had to work around. They’re people who’ve worked smart and hard as well as with each other at their jobs which also happened to be their passion. I’d like to think they’re all been a big part of the prosperity that the state of Ohio has become. They’ve also become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to steel-is-real custom motorcycles.
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  You know, you just gotta love a guy who lives, breathes, and eats motorcycles like Frank McLane. The Columbia, South Carolina, resident built this gold bobber himself from a little bit of everything and a little help from his friends after a long time spent around everything motorcycles.
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   People are often too quick in their rush to judgment mode when it comes to deciding whether seeing one bike from a builder means that all they’re about. Case in point, a recent Barnett’s article of the day focused on a late model Triumph bobber built on the affordable and rideable angle by TBC Hot Rods & Bikes in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
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My name is Jon Crush and I currently live in Miami, Florida.  I built this bike in Venice, California, where I was living for the past 12 years, but recently moved back to Miami to be near my family. I am 40 years old and have been customizing two wheeled machines since my brother and I got our first Honda 50 mini bikes at five-years-old. About a year ago I was laid off from an Aerospace Metals sales job and my girlfriend convinced me to start a custom motorcycle business and Crush Cycleworks was born.  The silver Triumph, named The Shining Twin is the first Crush Cycleworks product.  It is named after the twin characters in the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining and for the double entendre implications.  This also hints at the possibility of a sister bike to be built in the near future.
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Street 750 Diamond Black Hand Grips

   Standing out from the crowd gets a bit easier with Harley-Davidson’s Diamond Black Collection Hand Grips (P/N 56100142, $89.95). They’re part of the Diamond Black Collection (footpegs, a shifter peg and a brake pedal pad) for Street models that exposes raw billet aluminum detailing, the satin black finish is designed to wear like denim to achieve an ultimate personalized look.