If you want to get the undivided attention of Barnett Harley-Davidson’s GM, Mark Barnett, all you have to do is say two words ─ Kendall Johnson. Mark Barnett is a busy, busy guy with too much on his mind, but say those two words and he’s eagerly waiting to hear anything and everything that follows. Mark, like the rest of the Barnett family, is a horsepower junkie and nothing says 45-degree air-cooled V-twin horsepower better than Kendall Johnson Customs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. No matter what they build, it’s got more dyno-proven power than anything else like it. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mark. He’ll drop everything and straighten you out.
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  Sometimes the story you expect is not what you get and this is definitely one of those stories. Believe it or not, Barnett’s Magazine Online has quite a large fan base of modified Yamaha XS 650 lovers including the boss man, Mark Barnett. Yup, he used to seriously flat track those things when he was a kid and still has a warm spot in his heart for them even though he’s the General Manager (among other things) of Barnett Harley-Davidson. Those Brit-bike influenced 650cc vertical twins were in production so long (and wouldn’t die like their Brit cousins) that many, many of our readers have varying degrees of personal experience and affection for them ranging from super cool to why is that on a Harley site?
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  It's been many years since I did the Trifecta Custom Bike Show and Blowout at the Steel Horse Saloon off of Bell Road in Phoenix, Arizona. The last time I was at the Steel Horse (they claim to be Arizona’s original biker bar), I shot some strange looking bikes. When I showed the images to my boss, Mark Barnett, it was the first time anybody had shot the soon-to-be-famous Jesse Rooke's inventive creations.
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  I don’t know a lot about the owner of this balls-to-the-wall pro streeter, but after seeing his ride of choice I know all I need to know. If you’re in the Richmond, Virginia, area and come across this snarling Kendall Johnson-engined 222hp (!) beast out on the prowl, don’t take the bait. You’d lose. Sitting aboard that bike would be owner Richard Perkins and like I said, I know all I need to know about him. Obviously the man likes power and lots of it, but he can probably never get anyone to take a challenge after one look at this extreme pro street taken to the extreme side of extreme pro street.
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   Why am I the guy that always gets the mystery bike? When I came into work today, lo and behold, there was a stack of folders all saying “owner unknown” piled on my desk. “Here we go again” was my first thought, but thumbing through Jack Cofano’s photos revealed a lot of really nice bikes. Matter of fact, every one was well built, imaginative and down right cool in their own way to top it off. Might as well start right off with a metric bike and get the hardcore Harley lovers ire.  
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    Hopefully you had a great Christmas and got everything you needed and wanted for your motorcycle, but in case you didn’t, maybe it’s time to take a chance on something else. And by taking a chance, I mean purchasing a raffle ticket (or two or three) to win a helmet autographed by eight members of the dearly departed Sons of Anarchy television show. Yup, if you’re feeling the pangs of no more Sons, maybe this is one way you can keep your SOA dream alive.
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  Never saw this one coming did ya? Nope, neither did I. But, I’m sure glad Patrick “Rick” Knoerzer took the bull by the horns, in this case, Harley’s lovable fat-tired Forty-Eight and gave it a makeover featuring even lovably fatter tires. Oh there’s a lot more to this cool custom Sporty fresh out of Rick’s Motorcycles GmbH in Baden-Baden, Germany, than just bigger and more aggressive tires. Matter of fact there’s a long list of changes front to back and this bad boy Sportster with dirty intentions is a fun way to showcase them. Hey, just take a look in the photo gallery of Rick breaking the tire loose in the dirt at speed and tell me this bike doesn’t look like fun. Go ahead ─ I dare you!
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   Building your first real chopper or maybe for the more experienced, building a bike simply and inexpensively as possible to knock around town on still requires thought, imagination and a modicum level of skill commensurate to the build. Keeping it simple as hell surely helps the chances of it becoming a finished and fun in its own way rider. Starting with an elemental old ride that is readily available and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can keep things in check budget-wise as you go deeper into the build. What you’re looking at here is a great example of something that somebody probably loves the living hell out of every time they see it and every time they ride it.
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  You know, you just gotta love a guy who lives, breathes, and eats motorcycles like Frank McLane. The Columbia, South Carolina, resident built this gold bobber himself from a little bit of everything and a little help from his friends after a long time spent around everything motorcycles.
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   You know what you’re looking at? What you’re really looking at? Go ahead, take a guess. No, it’s not Russell Mitchell’s first attempt at color or Ron Finch trying the straight and narrow or even one more bike built by Mark Barnett’s favorite builder of all time, AQG. Nope, it’s none of those things and probably nothing of what you or anybody else was thinking of except for me and its builder. Simply put, it’s an absolutely wonderful chopper in the truest sense of the word. This is a chopper somebody built to ride the sh*t out of and then ride it some more.
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