See that paintjob? That’s no ordinary paint, but paint that’s wired to electrically light up with the flick of a switch. Turn it on, turn it off and you have two different paintjobs for all intents and purposes. No more of that lame under-tank LED stuff, this paint is wired to shock you with a real electrical glow worthy of a trip down the Vegas strip. Like the Starship Enterprise, Lumilor Electroluminescent Coating System’s paint goes where no paint has gone before. I’m still in a bit of a shock trying to get a grip on this unreal development so read on and see for yourself.
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   Look familiar? It should if you’re a regular reader of Barnett’s Magazine Online and you just happen to remember back to yesterday when we featured a Holy City Designs’ big-time show bike we called Nonpareil Knucklehead. That bike had the interesting outline of this bike, but what’s between the lines is vastly different although slightly similar. Sometimes less is more, at least to some of us, so let’s check out both and maybe pick a winner.
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