Traditions can be good or bad mostly depending on whether I’m feeling stuck in some tradition that I’d rather not be stuck the hell in. Traditional, on the other hand, is something I generally like as it’s just relating to something like the gorgeously simple, traditional-style Harley-Davidson Shovelhead bobber built by Jeff Cochran of SPEEDKING U.S.A. in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a problem with all of this, though, as I expect any bike built by Jeff to be one more in an unbroken line of tradition involving good taste, good skills, and a good eye. Any one “good” thing not in line with the others leads to a traditional-style bike that just doesn’t look quite right no matter what parts or pieces it consumed. Parts and pieces only reach their zenith as a whole when the builder intuitively feels what he’s thinking in metal. Jeff is also a photographer of high renown and his photographer’s mind’s eye shows in every build.
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   Lord knows you gotta be careful attempting anything with the Old School look in mind as your starting point and hopefully, your ending point. There are just so many liberties you can take without breaking so many unwritten, but well-known rules of Old School that you end up with something that resembles a jumble ‘o ideas bitsa bike. You know, from the front it looks like . . . , but from the back it looks like . . . In actuality it looks like nothing in particular, like a bad meal.
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