Holy Toledo – what is going on here? Sidecar customs are not something you see everyday or even every year. Especially ones that aren’t just a slightly customized Motor Company product that last saw production in 2010 when Harley-Davidson trikes became the new three-wheeler of choice instead of attached platforms. Sometimes builders might do a sidecar just because they’ve done everything else, but that’s not the case here. What’s even more interesting is that this is the first ever custom Harley build Mike McFadden of M&M Customs in Owensboro, Kentucky, has done. It’s gotta be a good feeling when you can rock the Harley world right near the tip pity-top like Mike did at the Artistry In Iron Show as an invited builder.
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Everybody’s always crabbing about show bikes being unrideable and that’s often true unless you really love a bit of masochism on two wheels. But, there’s always an exception to the rule and if I do say so myself, I’d say you were looking at one of those rare birds right here. Yeah, it’s got a style revolving around a bit of bling, actually, a lot of bling, but that’s okay. Its mission statement includes show time so bling it is.
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   Every now and then I run into somebody’s custom street bike that says more about them than they’d ever verbally say about themselves. This absolutely adorable Harley-Davidson Panhead custom belonging to Steve Freels of Knoxville, Tennessee, is one of those bikes. First off, I’ve never met or communicated in any way with Steve, but just taking one look at his bike makes me think he’s a standup Harley guy with an eye for beauty and love of heritage. Plus he rides what he loves and not just a static display kind of guy. Far from it, his bike is set up for looking good and hitting the road.
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   All those years of burying spare change in coffee cans around their yard has finally paid off for Mickey and Betty Odham of Fredericksburg, Virginia. He not only has the touring bike he always wanted, but he’s drunk enough coffee to be able to afford all of the custom tidbits he always dreamed of adding. Actually, the buried coffee can thing is something I totally made up, sorry Mickey and Betty, but it’s the only way I can fathom being able to build a custom bagger that’s been dressed to the nines like the Odham’s. There’s a lot more going on here than a shaked and baked custom 2014 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and it starts right under the skin of this bagger.  
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  Oh no! The world’s turning sideways again and I’m having one of those flashbacks they warned us about except this isn’t one of those remnants of Psilocybin flashbacks, but the real thing. I’m sitting in the back of a study hall doing anything but studying, actually I’m sketching away on yellow arithmetic paper as usual. I’m doing my best to draw a perfect circle followed by two more inside that. Hey, you can’t have a tire without a rim. I always start at the front and work back until I have what I consider the perfect rendition of a late 1960’s chopper as it’s actually the late 1960s.
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  Now that I’ve pretty much finished my bought-used, two-year penny-pinching Shovelhead bobber rebuild and reconditioning and it’s finally got some road time under its open belt primary, I’ve been busy looking around for more ways to spend a little money on it. But, I’ve got to choose wisely what I spend. I’m a typical semi-broke biker and that’s why it took two years just to refurbish a simple bobber.
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  You know, sometimes what catches your eye in the first place is what opens your mind to so much more than you could ever imagine. I guess I gotta explain my little piece of gibberish much better to fully encompass what happened after checking out the nice little ride pictured. I knew of South Bay Customs in El Segundo, California, but I certainly didn’t know about South Bay Customs. Owner Michael Schreiber politely answered my emails about our feature bike and I had the info I needed to write an article of the day, but in the meantime I had done a bit of investigating (I’m giving myself too much credit here) into what South Bay Customs as a shop actually was. I still think we’ve fallen into a golden age of custom bikes since the big bucks have left the building. Imagination, talent, and skill have replaced wads of cash to produce some of the most fabulous customs ever in my opinion. These days, the shops themselves are sometimes as or even more interesting than the custom motorcycles they produce. Either way, the sum has become greater than the whole.
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